Revision of the decentralization (draft) resolution of the government

Kim Jung-tae urged the government to review the decentralization of government democracy by the resolution of the TF leader

[아시아경제 박종일 기자] A total of 110 members of the metropolitan city council of Seoul, including Shin Won-chul, the chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Assembly, agreed on the establishment of the local council and the government's plan to strengthen the capacity of local councils . It was presented to the plenary meeting of the city on the 31st.

Most of the seven major tasks that municipalities require are reflected in the Decentralization Decentralization Plan & # 39; (draft) and the "Revision of the Local Autonomy Law", which are written by the Presidential Autonomy Commission and the Department of Public Administration and Security (Yeongdeungpo 2nd) and other members of the Seoul Metropolitan Assembly Decentralization TF Committee.

Kim Jung-tae, deputy head of the local government TF, said in the resolution: "The government has announced that it will promote decentralized reforms and strong decentralization from the beginning of the Moon Jae-in government, and expects the status of the local council will be established, I am disappointed because I can not comply at all. "

In particular, "include the comprehensive plan of the autonomous decentralization of the government and the amendment of the local autonomy law, which are prepared by the follow-up work on the" Autonomous Decentralization Roadmap "announced in October 2017, the autonomous legislative and self-regulating The Ministry of Public Administration and Security has expressed the intention to evaluate and publicize the activities of the municipal councilors, and it is clearly antisocial and semi-decentralized. "

Revision of the decentralization (draft) resolution of the government

"In the past, the Ministry of Local Development of Self-Government of the General Assembly of Local Planning of Local Self-Government, which was delegated statutes, limited the legislative functions of the local councils by not enforcing duplication of control by means of administrative law, In the plan of the government for decentralization of self-government is also removed. "

In this resolution, the members of the Seoul Metropolitan Assembly said: "In the resolution it is necessary to revise the entire decentralization plan (plan) for self-government against the establishment of the local council, the seven central decentralization problems in the amendment of the local autonomy law. The committee also urged the three parties to take measures, such as the early assessment and treatment of local assembly legislation pending in the National Assembly and a partial revision law of the 12 Local Autonomy Act, and the continuing efforts to to achieve a strong decentralization that was declared by the President to the National Assembly and the government.

Kim Jung-tae, chairman of the committee, said: "Since the amendment plan of the decentralization plan for self-government (design) and the amendment plan of the local autonomy law prepared by the minister of the ministry, an anti-democratic plan (plan)" We We will do our best to correct the needs of the local government by integrating the strengths of local government and local government. "

Moreover, "the autonomous decentralization plan (draft) proposed by the Ministry of Public Administration and Public Security in the afternoon of 30 August, when the above-mentioned resolutions were deliberated and approved by the Metropolitan Council's steering committee in Seoul, has been partially revised, I will pay more attention to the movements of the government in the future, "he said, adding that the item" Strengthening autonomy "has changed to" Strengthening self-governing legislation. "

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