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SEOUL, February 28 (Yonhap) – Professor Kim, Ji-eun of the Seoul National University Democracy Professor Association (KNHC) urged the university headquarters and hospitals to investigate the truth about farmers and take corrective action. .

The NKHC held a press conference this afternoon for the main building of Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul and said: "Now that the truth of the truth about the death of the farmers has been revealed, we must investigate their own facts and precise measures at the Seoul National University and Seoul National University Hospital. " .

"At that time, Seoul National University Hospital seriously violated medical ethics by conducting surgeries in patients who could not regenerate according to the regime's demands and illegally informed the regime of the personal information of emergency patients. it is inevitable that the director of the hospital, the current hospital director and all the related personnel will be thoroughly investigated. "

This is due to the fact that the investigation committee of the Human Rights Violation of the National Police Agency reported the results of the investigation that this was caused by the excessive police repression of the death of the farmers.

"After the surgeon had arrived at the emergency department of Seoul National University Hospital, the medical staff had already decided that the operation was not useful." But the police, worried about the effect on the regime at the time of death, He said: "I had to perform an unreasonable and inhumane operation."

Eventually, the patient died 10 months and died on September 25 of the following year. The hospital said that President Park's request to repeatedly unlawfully disclose the patient's personal information "He said.

On this day, the NKHC repeatedly demanded that the general manager and the chairman resign, with responsibility for investigating farmers' facts and not choosing a disgraceful president for the recommendation committee of the president and the board of directors.

He also called for the appointment of an emergency committee, including the council, the faculty council, student representatives, employee representatives, female teachers' associations and the National Craft Council.

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