Shim Sang-jeong "Why should we be excluded?

"As is well known, the Committee on the Environment and Labor of the National Assembly has the lowest preference for legislators in the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, and it is the so-called Standing Committee, Why would a legislator want to work with a sense of value? be excluded? "

Shim Sang-jung, a member of the Party for Justice and Development (Gyeonggi Upper Party), strongly criticized the political power in connection with the exclusion of Lee Jung-mi,

Sim said: "No matter how a negotiating group has dominated the operation of the National Assembly, there is no right to violate the constitutional powers of a Member of Parliament." He also urges the Democratic Party and the Free Korean Party Representative, Kim Hak-yong. I would like you to reconsider the so-called composition of Lee Jung-mi so that he can fulfill his calling on behalf of the Justice Party, whose core values labor and the environment. "

In retrospect, the Ministry of Justice was always at stake in the Committee on the Environment and Public Health, when the two sides agreed on the same day, when I was a member of the Environment and Workers' Committee four years ago, when I tried to committee. I could defend Park Geun-hye's work corruption with the numerical advantage (8: 9) of the opposition party made by holding the accused. "

Shin introduced his experience in the past and expressed the reason why Lee should remain on the labor side. He said: "It is said that efficiency is efficiency for whom and for what," he said, "reduced the number of committee members to reduce the number of committee members for efficient operation, and said:" This behavior of both parties is a tyrannical denial of justice He also criticized the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.

The opposition continues in the face of the politicians of the ruling party. Gwanak-gu, a member of the ruling Ministry of Justice, said: "It is the first ever to exclude progressive political parties from the so-called labor after 2004".

"I can not fail to say what I have endured all the time with this break-in that was not in Lee Myung Bak's regime about this behavior of today, that I will no longer listen to the voice of labor" Facebook this afternoon. I asked him, "Are you?"

At the General Assembly of the National Assembly, Hwang Roon-yi (chairman Kim Hak-yong, a free member of the Korean National Assembly) handed over the constitution of the second half of the birth that excluded him from the labor disability, despite the opposition from Lee and some lawmakers.

It was the reason that the party negotiations were completed by the three parties, the Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party. The ruling party has lost its status as a negotiating group (more than 20 seats) due to the death of former councilor Sohn Chan-chan and can not participate in the secretarial consultation.

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