Shinil's reality of the group reveals policemen … There was no will to the & Danskoki & # 39; to get, nor virtual money.

[아시아경제 이관주 기자] The Shinil Group (currently Shinil Ocean Technology), which tried to save the Daksukoi for the 150th treasure ship, appeared from the beginning not to save the ship.

According to the police on 27 December, the Crime Intelligence intelligence service of the Metropolitan Police Agency in Seoul investigates the case, and the Shinil Group was unwilling to rescue the Daksukoi, and the virtual currency "Shinil Gold Coin" (SGC) It is said that it concluded that it is a point.

The Shinil Group is a new company that was established on 1 June 2005 and has explained to the police that they have no experience with the disposal and have paid the excess money for their investment. In particular, the contracts with the salvage companies were deemed to be unwilling to rescue the Shinil Group because only "video recordings and waste collection" were covered.

In addition, the Shinil group promoted the virtual currency SGC, which claimed that it would guarantee a profit of 100 times, but the police see that the expression of profit and virtual money is all different. The police concluded that the SGC was a simple point paid by the Shinil group site. There is a white paper on the general source code of virtual currency, developer and development, and based on this white paper SGC decided not to invest.

Based on the results of the investigation, the police are of the opinion that the investment promises of the Shinil Group, which promoted the treasure hunt, are likely to be a fraud. The police have requested special attention for investment advertisements on the Dakscoe.

Lee Kwan-joo, reporter [email protected]

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