Sookmyung Girls & # 39; High School Examination … Twin Drag

Police investigating allegations of leaked Sookmyung Girls' High School research confirmed the circumstances of ex-professor A, who had leaked his exams to his twin daughter, and accused the twin sisters of obstruction of cases. The parents of the Sookmyung High School strongly protest against the fact that they have the scores of the two sisters who went to school in the last semester as & # 39; 0 & # 39; considered.

"The situation that Mr. A told his sister about the test was shown by a forensic investigation into mobile phones," said the immigrant Seoul Police Commissioner during a press conference on the 15th. "After Mr. A, both children were arrested on the 8th,". Lee said, "I can not confirm that the leaked situation is a matter of investigation." A and her twin sisters are known to deny the accusations.

Suseo Police Station, which is under investigation, has taken Sookmyung High School, A & # 39; s house, Daechi-dong school where twin sisters were present.

The twin sisters received their first police investigation as a referendum on 6 March, one month later. At that time, one of the sisters lunched after the examination and was referred to the hospital with the complaint "difficulty in breathing." The student said that he went back to the hospital on the 14th and said: "It is frustrating" in the second study. "We had a lawyer and a mother at the time," said a police officer. A police officer said: "We asked the school about the interim figures for twin sisters of the second semester who were arrested after suspicions of leakage."

When the police investigation revealed the circumstances of the problem, the parents of Sookmyung and colleagues said that "the figures of the twin sisters should be treated as zero points, so that the grade of the students can be reasonably adjusted." One of the parents said: "Even now, Mr. A and his twin sisters must acknowledge the mistake and the school must take action quickly."

The figures of the twin sisters started at 59 in the first class and 121 in the first class. In August, parents raised suspicions about the leakage of test questions, and the investigation by the Ministry of Education and Police began.

Suseo police said: "Even if the twin sisters were arrested as suspect, further investigation is necessary." "Something more needs to be told about when the research will be completed."

Park Taein reporter [email protected]

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