Supporting 1,300 cars from the early scrap of Nonghua, Suwon

  Suwon City Nopu 1,300 light rail vehicles [vroege ondersteuning]
[아시아경제(수원)=이영규 기자] Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do, supports 1300 light rail vehicles as a vehicle for early storage

It is a project that supports subsidies to the borrower who scrap old cars.

The support target is 1300 cars from specific diesel vehicles that are applied before December 31, 2005 to the emission standard for vehicles registered in Seoul Metropolitan Area Air Management Area & # 39; for more than 2 years. New

If the number of green vehicles exceeds the number of vehicles supported, the production date of the vehicle is supported in the oldest order.

The subsidy is paid according to the vehicle standard value calculated by the Insurance Development Institute taking into account vehicle type and model year. The amount paid is less than 3.5 tons, 1.65 million won, more than 3.5 tons, less than 6000cc less than 4.4 million won, more than 3.5 tons, more than 6000 cc is 7.7 million.

For more information, visit the Suwon City Hall website ( and search for & # 39; early scrap & # 39 ;.

A municipal official said: "The project to support the early demolition of old vehicles will clean up the atmospheric environment of the environmental city of Suwon. (D, s, id) {function (d, s, id) {} (19659003)
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