The body found in Gwacheon, the first autopsy "

Park Sang-ee, a spokesman for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department, said yesterday that the carcass has been damaged by tools.

"The tool that destroyed the body was informed that it was a Buddhist instrument," said the National Police Agency of the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency.

But the exact sign and type of tools were not revealed.

A police officer said: "No trauma was found that led to death, including traces of stabbing in the weapon", and added: "We will perform options such as suffocation, drug and toxic poisoning and additional testing."

Traces of damage on the face of the body were known as post-injury.

It takes about two weeks for the final autopsy results.

At 9:40 am on March 19, a carcass of head and body was found in the parking lot at the Rose Hill of Gyeonggi Cheon National University Park.

The body was damaged and the fingerprint recognition revealed the identity.

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