The list with & # 39; Mini-New Town in the Seoul Metropolitan Area & # 39;

In addition, the person who informed Shin Min-hyeon (Uiwang and Gwacheon) of the Democratic Party about the location of the candidate for the development of a mini city in the metropolitan area, was identified as a member of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs ( Ministry of Land).

Gyeonggi Province said on the 10th, "The first runner to hand over the inside information from the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), which houses the candidates for the development of a new mini-city in the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul, is the writer A,

According to the self-study in Gyeonggi province, the first killer, A, is a member of the Ministry of Land, but has been sent to Gyeonggi province since April 23.

He received data from the Ministry of Land, Gyeonggi Province, LH and Gyeonggi Province on 24 of last month. However, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs did not retrieve the data after the meeting and the A-writer returned to the Gyeonggi Provincial Office.

At the end of last month, however, it was confirmed that "demand for the data" received a request from a new member of the council and photographed and delivered the list of development candidates via social network service (SNS).

One writer said: "I have a personal relationship with Shin and I asked him to send the material to LH for information about how he knew it, so he sent me a photo asking him to send me a list."

Shin, who received the relevant materials from the LH, revealed eight areas in Gyeonggi Province, which he named as the development candidate for the development of the mini city in the metropolitan area.

Since then the price of land in the area has increased and Shin has resigned from the National Land Transport Committee with the responsibility to publish new residential areas in advance. The Liberal Democratic Party is in the position that it will accuse the persecution of accusing the leak of the new council member out of state secrecy.

Shin told the Democratic Party: "If Gwacheon is a member of the local government and develops the residential area without traffic measures (in the area of ​​Gwacheon) she explained.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has started audits of the data leakage against the Gyeonggi province.

The Gyeonggi Province was known by a writer who "I seem to have passed" is carrying out his own research.

Gyeonggi Province said: "A writer claims he did not know it was important data, but it is not understandable that those who have experience working in large departments of the Ministry of Land have not understood it, and I will explain it. "

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