"The Supreme Court, if the law is abolished, the special law will be issued …"

In addition, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lee Jae-woo, said yesterday: "If the Supreme Court leaves its promise to actively participate in investigations and embraces the legal abolition, No," he added.

Chief Justice Chu said: "The prosecution of the prosecutor must have a special measure to relieve public distrust, just as the prosecution of the prosecutor has caused the need for a special investigation system." Kim Myungsoo, the chief justice chief, I have to pay. "

He said: "At the moment the disciplinary court can not come to a conclusion about the discipline of the 13 judges who are suspected of misuse of the judicial authority." The request of the prosecutor to seize the peasants of the prosecution is also rejected by the judiciary, "He said.

Chung said: "The suspicion that the legal farm of Yang Seung-tae has finally reached the verdict of the accusation of former President Park Geun-hye of the Constitutional Court is exalted." The Supreme Court ruled that the Supreme Court had prepared martial law. The fact that we are withdrawing internal trends is really a big surprise, "he said.

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