This is a family reunion, 630 years longer.

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The 21st North Korean reunion of the family at Mt. The 89 family members of the older family who were eventually selected in the South, leave for the North Mountain. This event lasts only two years and ten months since October 2015.

All political parties in the ruling and opposition parties welcome the reunification of separated families and pray for continuous progress. In addition, Baek Hye-ryung, a spokesman for the Democratic Party, said on 19 December: "The reunion family reunion is the most pressing issue in inter-Korean issues." "We welcome this reunification,

A South Korean spokesperson Yoon Young-seok said," The government must not reject the desperate votes of divorced families to make sure they are alive and healthy. "The divorced families are obliged to heal their wounds because they are war traps. "

Of the total of 132,2603 families registered with the Ministry of Unification, 56,862 are survivors and 63% of them are 80 years of age or older. It would take 630 years if all 58,662 people would be reunited with 80 people a year. It is only possible that there is a condition to hold a separate family event each year.

The first lottery competition of this family reunion reached 568.9 against 1. It is almost a lotto lotto. Among the 56,662 people out of 56,673, except the 89 who won the event, it is a very hard "hope-torture". "It is important that we meet, but it is too cruel to end our lives without even knowing if our family is dead or alive." "Confirmation of life and death is the most urgent problem."

Another family member, another 32,000 & # 39; North Korean refugees & # 39;

There are other separate families who should take a sigh of relief from the reunions. They are 32,000 refugees. In the meantime, refugees were not classified as divorced families in Korea. In the past, however, only the applicants of the North Korean defectors could register their family members with the Ministry of Unification.

The Ministry of Unification and the Korean Red Cross have investigated the status of divorced relatives of North Korean defectors who have applied for the registration of divorced families and have given them the opportunity to bring video letters to their families in the North. The refugees, however, are only satisfied that the government has recognized them as separate families. .

It is known that it is virtually impossible for the refugees to reunite with their families in the north with the official approval of the inter-Korean government. Many refugees do not even know that they can apply to the government for separate families.

Even if it is possible to register a separate family, it can not give courage because of the security of itself and the family of the north. With the aid of the Korean Red Cross and the Ministry of Unification, the video letters of the tears sent to the families are sent back to the defectors in a small USB. It is a fact that the separated families of the North Korean defectors are unable to convey the message, not the reunification.

If the existing 50,662 divorced families and the newly separated family of 32,000 refugees are reunited, it is estimated that the same type of reunions will last another thousand years.

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