Yoon Seung-tae, the Supreme Court of Korea

Import 2018.08.20 21:52

A judge who had been sent to the Constitutional Court of Korea at the time said it had provided confidential information to the Supreme Court in the case of Supreme Court Judge Yang Seung-tae. It also includes the discussions about the lawsuit against former presidential candidate Park Geun-hye. The Prosecution reports that the leaked information on the inside of the Constitutional Court has been transferred to the former deputy director of the court, Lim Jong-hun.

On the same day, the central prosecutor of Seoul, a special section of the Supreme Parquet (Shin Bong-soo) and the Special 3 Division (deputy director Yang Suk Jo) discovered several documents with internal information from the Constitutional Court during the analysis of the portable storage device from Im Seon-jeong (USB) He said. Among them are reports from the end of 2016 until the beginning of the year that Park Han-cheol, the head of the ruling Uri party, has a non-disclosure document that includes a discussion process to continue with Park's deposition procedure.

In the leaked documents there was also a statement in the case of former President Park Chung Hee. Moreover, the content of the Constitutional Court judgments was leaked to the Supreme Court, in case the Constitutional Court decided to limit the decision of the Constitutional Court concerning some of the Supreme Court's decisions, such as the ruling on the statute of limitations of the Supreme Court. national compensation in the past.

The prosecutor is of the opinion that Choi Moon-soo has removed such information from the judge (currently the main judge of the district court in Seoul). The Prosecution found that the confidential information was reported to Im, the former deputy head of the former Supreme Court sentencing committee, Lee Jin-jin. The prosecutor searched the house and office of Choi Ji-jae, the judge of the Supreme Court and the judge of the Supreme Court, on 20 June.

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