BMW presented itself with the new & # 39; Z4 & # 39; Roadster developed by Toyota

BMW has officially presented the new generation Roadster "Z4" in the Peblich Elegance Contest in California at the moment. The car visually repeats the concept with the same name that was presented a year ago.

At this moment, BMW has shown the Z4's most powerful modification, the M40i First Edition, with a 340-horsepower three-cylinder six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. Such a vehicle accelerates in 4.6 seconds of 100 km / h and according to the manufacturer consumes an average of 7.1 to 7.4 liters of petrol per 100 km.

The new BMW Z4 is ideal for axles weighing 50 to 50, with a positive reference to their operation. In addition to this powerful adaptation, the Roadster has strong M Sport brakes, a suspension with electrically adjustable shock absorbers and a self-braking differential in the M Sport rear axle.

The Sporty Roadster has adaptive diode headlights, a digital instrument panel and a large screen of the multimedia system within the BMW Live Cockpit Professional system, as well as a projection screen on the windshield – the BMW Roadster will be the first time.

At this moment, BMW is not revealing any details about the new Z4, for example with which gearbox and which other engines it will be equipped, a German automaker promises to be made on 19 September.

For the first time, the broader public of the new BMW Z4 will be available at the Paris Motor Show that will take place in early October, but the gridster will go on sale next spring.

It has already been reported that the new BMW Z4 rudder is being developed in collaboration with Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, an agreement signed in 2013.

The BMW Z4 is a German engine and electronics, while a number of chassis components, including the suspension and the braking system, match the upcoming Toyota sports models, such as the Supra super model.

The uniform sports models from BMW and Toyota are fitted by the Austrian Magna.

The former BMW Z4 Rosters (E89 – Factory Index) was produced in the period from 2009 to 2016.

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