Buying coffee in your cup will be cheaper in the future

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Circle K Latvia has launched an initiative to support the sale of non-packaging in the beverage segment as one of the largest takeaway or holding traders in hot drinks in Latvia, representatives from Circle K have informed portal

With the long-term goal to promote a change in society, the company offers customers the opportunity to buy coffee, tea and other hot drinks locally at their petrol stations in their service stations.

To support the cautious use of natural resources, Circle K beverages purchased in reusable cups will be sold at a lower price.

On average, one inhabitant of Latvia produces 433 kilos of urban waste per year, and household waste from households rises every year.

Of the total amount of waste generated, the equivalent size of the Light Palace, or 275 cubic meters, does not reach the landfill sites, but is emitted into the environment, according to data from JSC Latvijas Zaļais punkts.

Among them are paper packaging products, the use of which can at least partially be excluded as an alternative to reusable dishes.

Circle K Latvia CEO Gunta Jēkabsone explained that in addition to the high environmental standards that form the basis for the company's activities as fuel dealer, Circle K always thinks how environmentally-friendly companies can also be implemented in other areas.

"We want to support people who are already introducing waste habits into their lifestyles and who encourage them to consider changing this idea." In order to make the waste less and less accessible to the environment, many steps are taken worldwide ", says Jacobson.

Circle K said it would be desirable that drinking cups, of which the breaking time in the area lasts up to 5 years, occur less frequently in the environment, so the company is committed to the use of reusable cups for the purchase of coffee and other hot drinks. to promote, Jekabsson argued.

Director of "Latvijas Zaļais punkts" Kaspars Zakulis appreciated the plans of Circle K.

"We are very pleased that Circle K has joined the companies that promote the sale of coffee and other beverages in customers' cups." The use of repeatedly used thermocouples is both more environmentally friendly and economically more advantageous, so it would be highly desirable that the use will increasingly be spread in society, "Zakulis said.

According to Zakul, the purchase of a takeaway drink in his mug is also a story about making habits. Namely, at first it seems unusual and it is hard to imagine that it has its own mug for coffee in the morning.

But changes can happen quickly, especially if the trader buys the purchase with a lower quote, Zakulis explained.

Photo: LETAPhoto: LETA

Green trading practices in Circle K Latvia's network have been implemented in different ways so far – in 2009 the company abandoned its free plastic bags.

In order to minimize the impact on the environment, the single-use Circle K brand cups and their caps consist of recyclable materials, while the sandwich packaging is made of material that is completely dispersed in the environment.

Based on the principles of sustainable agriculture, Circle K has been using UTZ-certified coffee beans since 2017.

Certified suppliers meet stringent requirements to combat rainforest deforestation, climate change, poverty and social inequality.

In order to help reduce the amount of waste produced and its spread in the environment, Circle K offers the possibility to buy hot drinks in its mugs with a 10% discount for all purchases in all stores in Latvia.

The company does not expect quick results, but hopes that in the next two years the sale of hot drinks in multifunctional mugs can reach 10% of the total sales volume.

Circle K is the largest DUS network in Latvia – 82 points of sale, of which 76 are full-service stations (including 14 franchises), 4 automatic filling stations and 2 convenient shopping centers.

As one of the world's most prominent brands of fuel and convenience shopping, Circle K is represented in more than 20 countries.

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