Experts disprove the myth that a diesel engine is an old, end-of-life technology – Garage – Auto

For the automotive industry, one of the unresponsive discussions for several years was about diesel engines and diesel. Although diesel has undergone gradual development and improvement over the years, it is still one of today's technologies involving various myths based on assumptions that have not been unambiguous from the outset. Diesel is not a disappearing technology and it will play a major role in both the private and commercial sectors in the future. Considerable research has been invested in the development and improvement of diesel, and today the new products available on the market are more competitive and environmentally friendly, and they clearly affect the myths that existed years ago. & # 39; The world's leading diesel fuel manufacturer, expert at the Neste Technological Center Seppo Mikkonen and physicist, diesel engineer Uldis Rolley, outlines six of & # 39; the world's most popular diesel and diesel fuel sizes.

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