Forgiveness of an ex-girlfriend with a naked-hair court sentenced to a prison sentence of two months information

Riga, September 1, LETA. The Vidzeme District Court in Aluksne sentenced a two-month prison sentence to a man who published a picture of his former girlfriend on the social network, according to an anonymized judgment that is publicly available.

It indicates that the convict lived with his girlfriend, but after a divorce he took a USB stick with photos of his ex-girlfriend who showed naked and half naked.

A few months later, a man contacted his ex-girlfriend and asked her for 70 euros, otherwise he threatened to put photos on social networks. After the former girlfriend refused to pay the requested money, he published the images on the social network

The injured court showed that a convict tried to persuade her to take out a loan of 4,000 euros at the beginning of her life, but after she refused, the man started to blackmail her.

After the publication of the photos, the convicted victim repeatedly sent text messages with the threat of publishing other photos.

The convict explained to his court that he continually drank alcohol at the time of the crime, therefore he did not reject his actions in detail, but he did not deny that the crime had been committed.

The court explained that the court decided to impose a temporary custodial sentence because, in view of the nature of the crime, it was not convinced that the application of a lighter penalty would take the penalty.

In addition to deprivation of liberty for a man, a non-monetary compensation of € 700 was reclaimed.

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