Google launches campaign against the disinformation campaign of Iran / Article / LSM.LV

The US technology company Google has blocked various information channels related to Iran that were used for the disinformation campaign.

Representatives of Google report that closed accounts are linked to the Iranian broadcaster "Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting" and that the disinformation campaign has been implemented at least since January 2017.

A total of 39 YouTube channels were blocked, which were viewed more than 13 and a half thousand times in the US. Six Blogger and 13 Google Plus accounts have also been suspended.

The company also announces the cessation of state-sponsored cyber attacks by unspecified states. Hackers sent misleading e-mails to their free e-mail users to receive passwords or other information from them. She turned against political campaigns, journalists, activists and university teachers from different countries around the world.

Earlier similar events were implemented by two of the largest social media companies: Facebook and Twitter.

Earlier such Russian cybercrime activists were reported and experts believe that the new attacks can also be linked to Moscow.

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