Maxima promises to combat the sale of alcohol to minors

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Alcoholic beverages in the store shelf

As soon as the new school year approaches, Maxima Latvija will take a series of measures in early September that will further restrict the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors.

Jānis Vanags, member of the board of directors of Maxima Latvija, says that the current Latvian law stipulates that when buying alcoholic beverages the obligation to present a personal identification document to a trader is between 18 and 25 years.

"The Latvian saying goes:" Do not judge with a man on the hat ", and in daily life we ​​once made sure that it is true Nowadays the visual appearance is no longer a descriptive figure for the number of human years, "explained Vanags.

That is why Maxima Latvija intends to start testing a pilot program during the first semester of the school that would limit the sale of alcohol to minors through innovative solutions, Vanagas discovered.

The latest available data from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control show that 70% of young minors in Latvia admit that alcohol is readily available to them.

However, it is encouraging that, with stricter monitoring and legislative changes, access to services has decreased by 14% over the past five years.

To focus on youth health, Maxima Latvija performs a series of events, including a training program for staff and an internal information campaign.

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