Number and dance festival Ticket fragment. LNKC proposes ultimatum: money or justice

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Those who did not trust the internet were on March 3rd at the pots for tickets to the Song and Dance Celebration events.

Tomorrow, on August 31st, you will find out what further progress will be made in the dispute between the organizer of the Song and Dance Celebration – the Latvian National Cultural Center (LNKC) and SIA Biļešu Paradīze – for commissioning costs that are fortunate in sales of online holiday cards. LNKC has announced – if the seller will not transfer the received 76,512.83 euros to 31 August, the LNCC will challenge the "Ticket Paradise" to the court.

"The contract, which was concluded in accordance with the results of the public tendering procedure, stipulates that" Ticket Paradise "also sells tickets for celebrations via the internet, LNKC opposes the action of the seller and requests an additional fee of 7, 37% of Internet customers The "Ticket Paradise" refused to comply with LNKC's request to refund this money to internet ticket buyers, and also refused to provide information on the amount of additional revenue generated in this way We have calculated that it could have obtained at least EUR 76,512.83 We have tried to settle and we are ready to pay our party's commitment to pay "Ticket Paradise" a fee for the services provided if we have all the revenue from it. Receiving ticket sales Depending on the actions of the Ticket Paradise, the LNCC will pay its fee for services or start a court case for recovery of EUR 76,512.83. In this dispute we will do our best to protect the interests of holiday card buyers, "emphasizes Signe Pujte, director of LNKC.

The owner of "Ticket Paradise" Ēriks Naļivaiko still does not recognize any errors in this aspect at the moment. In his opinion there is no reason for the ticket dealer to pay prices.

It seems strange that one and the same document can be translated so differently. LNKC justifies the validity in Annex 2 to the public procurement rules for technical specification 2.4. "Ticket prices for festive events from EUR 2 to EUR 65 are the final prices for which the buyer can buy tickets and ticket sales points online." As noted by the holiday publishing specialist Inga Vasiļjeva, the ticket trader was not entitled to request additional commissions or online store service for the fee.

In turn, Ēriks Naivaivaiko claimed that he could not read such a thing in the agreement with the LNKC. He has already said that the "use of the Internet store" is not the same as the "trade commission" or "service costs" mentioned in the technical specification of the regulation (and inadmissible). "To prosecute," said Ēriks Naļivaiko in cold peace and confidence, how to judge it, it would be. The owner of the "Ticket Paradise" also emphasized that those who bought tickets on the internet had complained "well, if there are three, maybe thirty people" …

However, it can be argued that people may not even have known what LNKC wants for a final price of "two to 65 euros" and that their rights and interests in this case have the right to defend LNKC as a festive organizer.

Which way is right, this will in all probability be decided by the court, but it is undeniable that the LNKC wishes that the price of the ticket no one, regardless of the type of purchase, exceeds that amount. It should be remembered that a ticket dealer was found before the purchase, the LNKC said the tickets would not cost more than 65 euros.

It can not be ruled out that LNKC lawyers have been unable to record the position of the festival organizer in documents, and this is what Naļivaiko uses. In such situations the question is legitimate, but whether it is valid? Erik Naļivaikas responded to me right now: "The company's virtue does not exist!" There is another strange coincidence in my mind. At the press conference before the start of the ticketing, when LNKC management and Ēriks Naivaivaiko were on one side of the table, it was announced that the sale of tickets on the Internet would start at midnight in the morning. When connecting to the internet store in nine or ten there was no movement at all. But from eleven it was possible to determine later that it was already possible to watch "screaming circles" or all day long. However, not just me, the person who was connected to the internet in exactly half a dozen, bought tickets for all celebrated festivities. It may be that it was not foreknowledge, but only a coincidence …

According to the data in the "Ticket Paradise" database, 33% of all XXVI General Latvian songs and XVI Dance Celebration tickets were sold on the internet, the rest of the box office. Hopefully we meet the verdict earlier than the next Song and Dance Celebration …

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