NVA: In Latvia 63% of vacancies are long open vacancies – Financenet

According to the data from the agency, the majority of permanent vacancies are observed in Riga, where 66.5% of vacancies are permanently occupied. Kurzeme has long been occupied with 61.2% of the total number of vacancies, in Zemgale 43.6%, while in Vidzeme 29.1% of these jobs are permanently filled.

According to data from the NVA, in the Riga region there are professions where the demand on the labor market does not coincide with the supply and has not been completed for more than six months, truck driver, concrete builder, delivery van, roadwork assistant, carpenter, auxiliary assistant, programmer.

In turn, the demand on the labor market in Zemgale does not coincide with the supply in such professions as a locksmith, assembler, metal assembler, mechanic, repairman, truck driver, miller.

Larger truck drivers, metal welders, concrete contractors, consultants and senior consultants have long been in Latgale. In Kurzeme there is a shortage of building constructions, hand-operated wires and in Vidzeme, a truck driver.

At the beginning of June, the National Bank of Latvia noted 59 548 and finally – 59 119 unemployed. The monthly unemployment rate registered in the country decreased by 429 people or 0.7%.

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