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Irish low cost airline Ryanair has reached agreement with the trade unions of Irish pilots in the hope that it will end the strikes. Due to strikes by employees, the plans of many thousands of passengers have been affected in recent weeks.

After 22 hours of discussions, an agreement has been reached on which members of the trade unions still have to vote. Until the vote has taken place, the details of the agreement will not be published.

Ryanair can deviate from plans for layoffs to compensate for strike damage. Employees have also argued for an equal pay as that of the airline's competitors.

This is the first deal that has been reached since Ryanair recognized trade unions last year.


Ryanair is already making a big strike this summer. This time, 24-hour protests were tested by airline pilots in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands. A total of approximately 400 flights were canceled, including several flights from Riga airport.

Several European countries went out on the streets during the hot summer season, including several flights from Riga.

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