Ticket paradise does not pay € 76.512 for LNKC for the use of the online store / day

Nalivaiko pointed out that the amount requested by LNKC is not justified and will not comment on the relationship between Ticket paradise service providers because they meet the terms of the contract. "I will not comment on the terms of the contract, and I will not comment on it since, if I am not mistaken, on March 3. The contract says that we do not discuss the terms of the contract publicly. comment on comments, but the agreement provides for something else, explained Nalivaiko.

Ticket paradise the head stressed that resolving the situation, according to the terms of the contract, will leave lawyers.

As reported, LNKC out Ticket paradise On August 31 to August 31, EUR 76,512 received application of the user fee for online stores received from the XXVI General Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration Tickets.

The festive public relations director Inga Vasiļjeva explained that if the call from LNKC is not fulfilled within this period, the organizers of the festival will ask the court to recover this amount.

LNKC director Signe Pujate explained that the organizers of the festival object Ticket paradise ordering a 7.37% surcharge from card buyers on the internet. The company refused to comply with LNKC's request to refund this money to buyers of internet tickets. Likewise, the company refused to provide information about the additional income generated in this way.

It has also been reported that LNKC has prepared an act as found Ticket paradise a violation of the delivery of the service by applying an extra commission (service charge) for purchases on the internet for the use of the online store.

Ticket paradise Co-owner and CEO Ēriks Naļivaiko, LETA, refused to comment earlier on possible cases of fraud that may have occurred during the trade in the Song and Dance Celebration, saying: "Everyone translates [līgumu] by myself I translate it as follows. It is difficult for me to comment on whether this is considered a violation. Let the lawyers dispute whether it is the same or not. "

It has already been announced that on 3 March tickets for tickets for the upcoming song and dance celebration in the summer were launched. This is according to the results of the competition organized by the LNKC last year Ticket paradise.

On the first day of ticket sales, more than one million requests were received for about 95,000 tickets. The head of the PR department, Inga Vasiļjeva, informed LETA. Several places in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia had long lines after these tickets. The customers were slowly repaired and the purchase of tickets on the Internet had to wait a few hours, and in many cases, after a long wait, the coveted ticket failed to buy.

Until the first day of the trading day, tickets for 17 of the 19 Song and Dance Celebration events were completely sold out.

According to LNKC, Ticket paradise the LNKC's statements are insufficient to justify its violations in the sale of Song and Dance Celebration tickets.

The XXVI General Latvian Song and XVI Dance Celebration took place during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Latvian state from 30 June to 8 July.

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