All beloved stars will look forward to TV3's birthday party in the garden

How would it be for a birthday, but a decent mess? VIP guests, artists, TV3 staff did not give up the hospitality of the Dzintari concert hall and were happy to be entertained until the morning light when it was a great TV3 TV anniversary concert.

The non-official part of the event was revealed by Baiba Zuzena, head of All Media Baltics in Latvia, who gave a small, motivating address.

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The humor group "Clouds" ensured the nar-atmosphere and dancing. The artists played all known folk favorite partysongs. They let me dance for everyone.

Artists also included guests in their performances. In the course of the evening, "Clouds" invited the audience to sing the lovers and play multiple songs together.

There were guests who also chose the informal part of the evening to sit at the tables and talk to their followers, leaving the romantic farmer as a backdrop.

Most ballerinas were able to get along, talk and laugh with a number of companies.

A lot of attention was paid to the actress Evija Skulte with her cavalier, as well as to Rimvydas Martinaitis, producer of the series & Hair, which are better & # 39 ;, which had arrived with her new beloved wife. This is the first time that Rimvydas attends a social event in a beloved company.

Because Evia and Rimvide were once a couple, it is no wonder they are in the center of attention when they arrive at the event. The most important thing was that having the former loved ones arranged was able to maintain a friendly relationship.

The laughter, the joke and the fun were given by the humorist Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare and singer Lauris Reiniks. The celebrities on the festive evening were like a "wave" and could not stop with a joke, amusing the guests.

In the course of the evening there were plenty of & # 39; selfiji & # 39; created, TV3 employees shared nostalgic memories of what they had experienced over the years, they noticed the light of the day and even the most energetic ballerina went home.

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