An annual concert cycle "Let & # 39; s See Light" starts in Liepaja / Article / LSM.LV

On Thursday 4 October at 7 pm the Promenade Hotel will organize the "Hailing the Light" concert cycle in the Hika & # 39; s Hall in Liepaja with the saxophone quartet "Quatour Machaut", which will surprise the Liepers and the city guests with jazz music every year. and chamber music concerts in the autumn and winter months. .

The French saxophone quartet in Quatour Machaut has found his unique approach to the early combination of polyphonic music and improvisation. In France, the quartet is the home of Orleans. They are the most active members of the French jazz band "Tricollectif". The quartet visits the Baltic tour in Liepaja, a representative of the concert cycle, Anna Paula Pujena informed. Another quartet will be available at Madona and Luznava Manor.

Saxophone quattro "Quatuor Machaut" was founded in 2011. The name was chosen in honor of the composer Gijomam de Mašo (Guillaume de Machau1300-1377). After saxophonist Kentin Biardo (Quentin Biardeau) was discovered more than 600 years ago by Giomot de Macho by the voice of a man named "Our Mother of God" (Messe de Notre Dame), and the musicians were surprised by its modernity. Wishing to satisfy his hunger for musical imagination, rich harmony, rhythm and improvisation, Kentin Biardo brought together other saxophonists – Simon Couratier, Frances Lecointe and Gabriel Lemier – for their own reading of this saxophone quartet and for making a special program. dedicated to Maše.

Tickets for the & # 39; Ticket Paradise & # 39; will be checked out throughout Latvia and on the internet. Students, students and pensioners have discounts. Children under 7 years of age have free admission.

The concert is organized by the Via Cultura Foundation in collaboration with the French Culture Institute in Latvia and the Culture Administration Liepaja. The "Waiting for Light" concert cycle will host the comfortable Hick's Hall of Promenade Hotel in the autumn-winter season, starting in November. More information about the Via Cultura website.

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