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From 15 September to 28 October 2018 the Latvian National Art Museum presents a special "Who is a friend?" Exhibition for the children's public, which invites the museum's smallest visitors to become acquainted with animal representations in works of art, encourages them to think about values ​​such as friendship, trust, compassion, love and responsibility.

We recommend the smallest!

Dear parents, we have created a safe and creative platform for curious children – LSM nursery!

There are interesting and evolving tasks in the nursery, games, films, experiments, drawing, evening fairy tales and much more.

The opening of the exhibition in the exhibition hall on the fourth floor of the main building of the Latvian National Art Museum takes place on September 15, 2018 at 12.00.

The goal of the project is to talk with children about subjects that are important for understanding the environment. The name "Who & # 39; s a friend?" Describes the child's global disclosure form – ask questions and set an important benchmark for relationships in the family and society.

The collection of the Latvian National Art Museum (LNMM) contains dozens of artistically vivid paintings, graphic leaves and sculptures that represent animal images. They reveal different patterns of interaction between people, people, animals and animals. Visitors to the exhibition will meet the closest small and large representatives of the fauna – dogs, cats, horses, poultry and other rural residents. The presence of an animal in households has long been a natural phenomenon.

When we look back in history, we see that initially they helped them with physically hard work, but later became a person for an important friendship, support, joy and even fashion accessories. Selected artworks are aimed at expressing friendship, trust and love between a person, a child and an agent, a lollipop pet, and remind everyone that we are responsible for those we admire.

The exhibition features works from the collections of painting, graphic art and sculptures of the Latvian National Art Museum that covers the period from the end of the 19th century to the 21st century. In the exhibition you will see both well-known animallian masters such as Johann Heinrich Bauman, Adam Alksnis and Theodor Zalkkal, and the animal and human relations with the great Latvian artists – Janis Rozentals, Jēkabs Bīne, Jānis Rikmanis, Kārlis Krauzes, Kārlis Padele, Dainas Riņķe, Gulrika Gulbe, Laima Eglītes, Gunta Liepiņa-Griva, Aprika Apaļa uc – in the artwork.

It should be noted that the theme and the arrangement of the exhibition take into account the interests of the target group, perceptions and habits. The children will be aware of the placement of exhibits, the accompanying textual volume, and individual spaces for creative and interactive activities that will enrich the museum's experience.

The LNMM focuses on improving the range of family-friendly children. The team of the project "Who is a friend?" Continue to develop and develop this aspect of action by developing a special exhibition for the children and families of the audience, and attracting more and more new viewers. The exhibition and its varied program are designed as an intellectually and emotionally exciting adventure for children under 8 years of age.

The Latvian National Art Museum welcomes small and large cultural connoisseurs to discover and discover, search and find, feel and experience!

To view the exhibition and participate in events, we also invite groups of kindergartens and primary school students to contact us by e-mail. [email protected].

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