Evening News: in the 47th year, TV star Lera Kudrjavceva has her daughter in the world – Evening News

The Russian TV star Lera Kudrjavceva does not stop to surprise the audience – in one month she became a grandmother and mother.

In early August, a child came to life in the family of the zoonera Kudrjavcev adult son in the Žana family, but only later, on August 13, the star herself became the mother for the second time.

Lerai announced the introduction of a daughter in the world to the profile of the social network "Instagram" and published the first picture of a baby with the signature "Girl".

Widows, friends and colleagues from Kudryavtsev continue to congratulate Mummy. One of the first greetings was the former Belly Lover, singer Sergey Lazarev. His greetings were followed by good wishes from other stars on stage. The social networks of the popular Russian singer Irina Saltikova were interested in the feelings of Kudryavtsev: "How do you feel? I hope everything is great!" Now okay, "replied Lerra, and promised the singer to come to light and to drink the tea.

Let us remind you that a 47-year-old manager of a TV program hid for a long time to become pregnant in order to prevent rumors and public statements. Lera Kudrjavceva with the baby & # 39; s father, the 16-year-old hockey player Igor Makarov married in 2013. This was the third marriage of the TV personality. A few months ago, a 30-year-old athlete, who was lucky enough to marry Lerker, published a short video of where the round stomach of his wife was inadvertently visible. Since that moment and the first rumors about the star's pregnancy, Lerika has disappeared from public events. It is not known where exactly the star gave birth – in Moscow or in Miami, where she prefers to stay. Kudrjavceavy & # 39; s baby is the second child, but her husband, hokejist Igor Makarov, is the first-born daughter. Kudryavtsev's first son, son of Zhanna, was released in 1990 and his father is Lerara's ex-husband Sergey Leonuk, a musician from the band "Laskovoe May".

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