Evil & # 39; s Protector surprised her parents – drove to a concert in Cyprus, grew up in a daughter's wedding

Evila has announced social networks with winning long-time friends, Vadim Kozyu, with her arms and recordings: "We did it!" Their wedding surprise was not only for the followers of social networks, but even for the parents of the young couple. Despite the fact that they also traveled to Cyprus while climbing an airplane, the parents did not even know that the children were planning something.

"I was scheduled to have a concert in Pattichio Theater on Friday with pianist Danylo Kramer and bass guitarist Anton Gorbunov from Moscow, and we invited our closest people to this," discovering a new woman "the cunning cause of how to get together. coming to Cyprus. "

The next morning after the concert, the young couple invited her to the shore of the stream. It is only when everyone arrives that a wedding ceremony has been planned. "Of course this was a particularly exciting moment for us and our parents!" Smiles Evila.

The wedding ceremony was led by an employee from the Cypriot Registry Office, who helped to talk with friends who lived on the island. When asked if the whole story is not the same as the lack of a wedding gift, the singer says that the biggest gift without a formal family is a leave made by the mother. "However, we unexpectedly received a gift – a piece of wood with our copy, given by my brother's daughter, who only knew we would marry," clarifies the singer.

Evil has been with Vadim for seven years. Participating in the show, a six-year-old singer revealed that her boyfriend is a computer designer, video and visual effects artist who also supports all Evilen projects electronically – making a website, taking photos & filming video & # 39; s. He and his partner are also associated with a hobby photography, which is usually performed by Evilen musicians on stage at emotional moments.

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