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The Art Museum of the Riga Stock Exchange on Sunday 30 September from noon. 12.00 to 14.00, but every Saturday and Sunday from the afternoon later. From 12:00 to 16:00 visitors of the exhibition "Common History" can meet and discuss with the art lovers of the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art. It is an opportunity to expand the exhibition and art experience by giving a personal talk to the Center for Contemporary Art in Latvia.

"They are not guides – art professionals, as we are used to seeing in traditional exhibitions.The art ambassadors of the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art have specially trained people who, in a personal conversation with the visitor, help in our exhibitions for interesting regularities, facts discover, share their knowledge and experience, listen to the visitor, encourage personal reflection and discoveries that can unfold in the exhibition, but just as well after the exhibition, "says Marta Krivade, head of the art program Messengers. "We know that people often do not reveal contemporary art because they have come up with the same idea, and art messengers help them to expand their opinions from their point of view and get more out of the exhibition visit."

Photo: Center for contemporary art in Latvia

Alexey Muraško. Common history

Artistic messengers will be able to recognize the special badges with their names on the exhibition. The exhibitions made by the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art are carefully designed situations with the potential of the cognitive process, new experiences, conversations and revelations. Contemporary art is an interdisciplinary by nature and each exhibition can be experienced in different ways, depending on the previous experience, mood, time and attention of the visitor devoted to the exhibition. A similar conversation with the art messenger can also be useful in the experience of the exhibition. They are specialized trainings and practicing people of different professions and ages – non-professional artists who, in their conversation with the visitor, reveal interesting facts about contemporary artworks based on their personal experience and knowledge. Such people, also called art mediators, can be found in many European and American art museums, as well as in international contemporary art events.

Exhibition of the Latvian center for contemporary art "The Common History" in the Art Museum "Riga Stock Exchange" takes place on 30 November. In addition to the works of local and foreign contemporary artists, the viewers of the museum reveal evidence of its international cooperation and cultural relations during the Soviet era.

By exposing the permanent exhibition spaces of the museum, the exhibition concentrates on the collection and stories of the museum, outlining the aspects that offer a new perspective on the relationship between local and international cultural communication and the collection and linking of works of art to broader political and historical processes.

During the exhibition, Latvian and foreign artists worked on making new works – Ieva Balode and Alexey Murashko, Claire Holt, Minna Henriksson, Tanel Rander, Krishna Reddy, Andrei Strokin, Yan Xing. The curator of the exhibition is Inga Lāce and her set designer – Asnāte Bočkis.

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