Famous people show their cooking skills in a new show

Several TV channels remain happy with the latest news and the TV3 channel has paved the public for their culinary show "Dinner Four" this weekend, where four people in the community will be ready and welcome to the public every week.

Every week, four celebrities – athletes, business people, creative personalities and others – sit at a dining table to find out who has the best culinary skills and who is most warm to receive guests.

The show allows you to view celebrity kitchens and be witnesses to people who are delightful with delicious meals and welcome guests. Participants in the show will try to surprise both with biscuit masters and with simple homemade dishes. "Alise Mališko, communication project manager at All Media Baltics in Latvia, informs Delfi Izklaidi.

The first broadcast for the performance of the public will be released on Monday 1 October and will be performed in the first week of the show by the stylist Žanna Dubska, fashion designer and beauty specialist Diana Kubasova, the veteran philosopher Uģis Kuģis and the actor Maris Bezmer, better known as the "They & # 39; re Lying Better" series Robert's role writer.

During the season Janis Jarāns will be able to evaluate the cooking skills, but the special dose of laughter will be presented by musician Nauris Brikmanis and his companions – actress Ieva Florence, singer Artūrs Grādzins and star of social networks, Evelīna Pārkere.

Dinner takes place in unusual places, for example on the water, where Andris Daugavins and Janis Aispurs meet guests, and we will hear unusual stories. For example, Elita Druck will give tips in the evening about how our colors are influenced and how you can enjoy the eating process well.

One of the spectators also has the chance to become one of the guests of the special program and dine with different stars – musicians Reik, actress Leldi Dreimani and world champion motocross Paul Jonas. Sign up here. The "Dinner Four" TV3 channel is available from Monday to Thursday at 5.55 pm.

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