Kauguri Celebration is celebrated in Jurmala with Intars Busulis and Subscription Orchestra – Entertainment

Today in Jurmala there will be a traditional Kauguri festival with the Ukrainian singer "Jolka", as well as Intars Busulis and "Subscription Orchestra", informs the municipality of Jurmala.

This year the Kauguri festival takes place on the Talsi highway – one of the widest streets in Kauguri, a ten minute walk from the Blue Flag beach.

Before the evening concert, at 6.30 pm, the seamen Žanis Pavlovskis and Arvis Reiks of the hip-hop association "Olas" would like to see the big performing public with their performance. Evening concert program on 20 opens singer Busulis and & # 39; Subscription Orchestra & # 39 ;.

For the first time in Kauguro, the Ukrainian singer "Jolka" will perform, which will take place on stage at 9.30 pm with the music collective of 11 people. According to the municipality, the musician has released five studio albums and is one of the most popular music artists in Eurasia, who regularly take top positions in the most popular music vouchers. Fireworks come to an end.

At 5.30 pm visitors to the Kauguri festival can watch the stand-up show of Comedy Latvia. In turn young people and extreme sports enthusiasts will be entertained by the cycling team "Greentrials", which brings together the strongest BMX and bicycle and mototrail athletes. The show will include "BMX freestyle", "BMX flatland" and velotrial representatives who will perform in Kaugurus at 14:00 and 16:00. Visitors can also test the astronaut trainers, enjoy the three-dimensional swing and participate in other attractions during the day.

Together with the measures, the graffiti artist Holis (Viesturs Holenders) will create an environmental object – graffiti walls "I & # 39; m Kauguri". Anyone interested in making a graphite can participate.

Families with children during the holidays will surprise the Liepaja traveling puppet theater "Maska" with musical theater performances "Magic Stable" and "Kliņķīša Adventures". Entertainment and education center "Zili brīnumi" offers various experiments with dry ice and liquid nitrogen, as well as other activities for both children and adults.

Jurmala & # 39; s creative collectives will perform at the festival, with theater, singing and dance performances, which are available from 13:00 to 17:30.

Access to all events is free.

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