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On October 11, the documentary & # 39; Curt Fridrichsson & # 39 ;, the personal story of Gundeghas Repse, written by Kurt Friedrichsson, premieres. A movie trailer was released on 17 September.

Dzintra Geka, director of the film, says: "In the cinema we built the world of Fridrihsons without archieframes, with a few photos & # 39; s and his works Moto Everywhere We served as a film crew for inspiration and we traveled along the fantasy paths from Friedrichsont. "

This is one of the 16 films made in the program of the National Film Center "Latvian films for the centenary of Latvia". The director and producer of the film is Dzintra Geka, author of the script – Gundega Repše, who informed the filmmakers.

"By counting Fridrihsson's contribution to the creation of watercolor, graphics, interior design, museum work, illustration of books and stage design, essayist, he can not bypass his special expressive style," says Gundega Repše. "The eloquent, romantic figures in a fatal, aesthetic environment – from another world, from the materialized world of mind and consciousness and their cosmic dimensions, serving as the key to completely different worlds than the weapon of socialist realism dogma and ideology. . "

Curt Heinrich Friedrichson (born on September 7, 1911, dated January 31, 1991) was a well-known Latvian artist who devoted his life to painting, stage design and illustration of books. He has participated in numerous Latvian artists group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad.

Curt Fridrihsson had gone to France in his youth in the thirties, the personality of André Žid, whom he had seen and seen there, made an indelible impression on his life and thinking. In 1951 he was arrested for participation in the "French group" and he was detained in Siberia. During the years of his confinement, he sabotaged 17 prisons. Immediately during the detention many works were made with, among others, Spain, France, Italy and Sweden.

The film about Kurt Fridrihson is made for three years – from September 2015 to September 2018. Filmed in seven countries, France even twice.

Tickets for the premiere of the film are available on the homepage of the cinema "Splendid Palace". From 12 October, the film will be shown in all major Latvian cinemas.

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