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On 24 August, as part of the "Us + Them" concert, Roger Waters appeared in Arena Riga (Roger Waters), one of the founders and songwriters of the legendary British rock group Pink Floyd, a visionary and human rights activist.

Her work began in the 60s of the last century, the concert activity of Pink Floyd, which no longer exists, is still one of the world's most influential groups, not only musically, but also visually and because of her socio-political message. And right Roger Waters was the author and developer of conceptual ideas of Pink Floyd, the author of the original texts in the 1970s, who were frank and candid about taboo subjects such as poverty, greed, class conflicts, mental health and other issues that still exist today. always keep silent, dare to speak and they do not let go.

Voter started his solo career in 1984 and has released five solo albums so far. Usually the songs from Waters & # 39; last solo album & # 39; It Is The This Life We Really Want? & # 39; And golden & # 39; Pink Floyd & # 39; classics from 2017 formed the & # 39; Us + Them & # 39; concert repertoire.

"Pink Floyd" has transcendental music – it is a clear sound that cools and calms like a lullaby that turns into a protest hymn in a whirlwind. On his turn

Roger Waters is in his solo career a songwriter who pays more attention to the story and keeps to a musically simpler form.

The first part – a machine or a man?

The concert is emotionally and psychologically strong with the first picture, in which the woman sits on the coast and returns it to the public, most likely of Arab origin. In the hall there is a dipole with a nervous leg, a woman who complains of singing, sounds of distant shots, creating a feeling of the whole as a battlefield. The seemingly idyllic video on the screen turns blood into a puddle and the concert starts with the song "Speak to Me". In future visualizations, too, unpleasant frames and sharp contrast colors are used, in which video, animation are brought together and reflected on stage.

The highlight of the first part is the closure of the "Another Brick in the Wall Part 3", where children of all ages dressed in orange prisoners and with black bags on their heads, like shooting, join the stage musicians. As the number evolves, the children get rid of bags and shapes and wear the slogan "Resist!" Or "Resist!" To their future.

The performance increases the large ovation and the emotional tension is conditionally reduced, but returns after a moment – in between.

On large screens in bright red letters, viewers can read the call to oppose the great powers – both politically and informally, but again shots and shouts are heard again. Although we are far enough away from the specific warfare, we work in it, indifferently and passively.

Aiga Leitholde

The second part – pigs and dogs

The second part of the concert is based on the album "Pink Floyd" Animals and J. Orwell & # 39; s "Animal Farm" story. Batesley Power Plant has grown over the heads of viewers (Battersea Power Station) Hologram and the protest is much more specific – the people involved are called "tramps is a pig" – we can read on the walls of the power station, but a big pink pig with a slogan "Save mankind!" Flew through the eyes of the viewer.

In the second part the concept of color has also changed – the psycho-dilemical colors have been found as a reference to hippie culture and student protests in the streets of cities, and to reflect on contemporary contemporary street artists "Banksy", who not only tried to to criticize but also to have more sympathy for each other. In the mind is a poisonous thought: maybe "Banksy" is one of the alternatives of Roger Waters?

It is clear that every idea, especially politically, has its own other side, and also the slogans expressed by Woiter must be individually assessed in their own way. This is the endless circle – a critic must be prepared to criticize himself.

But at the same time, the message "Us + Them" calls us to distance ourselves from certain personalities, loud slogans, stereotypes and feelings about our origins.

Feel how we are all – people – united with each other. We are all happy and have full hope, feeling pain or hunger, longing for love. Not "we and them" are "we + they" or "we all".

Tonight you can see with your own eyes the legendary "The Dark Side of Moon" prism that climbs over the heads of the viewers, through which color laser blows, while the bullet touches the eyes of the audience. The brain damage and eclipse The dark side of the moon touches upon emotional health issues and invites you to listen to yourself and to be aware of the wars that everyone in his inner world experiences.

The last song of the concert is "Comfortably Numb", a story about how we lie to ourselves, pretending everything is in order. It hurts us, it is probably the humanity of our mind.

"For me, honey, you just had to feel your love," said Roger Waters, thanks to the audience for his big ovations and adding that all his albums are about love.

The circle ends with a happy ending – a woman who is sitting next to the sea again. This time she turned to the audience and waited for her small, smiling little girl in broad reachable hands.

Concert Track Sequence:

  1. Speak to me
  2. to breathe
  3. One of these days
  4. time
  5. Breathe (Reprise)
  6. The Great Gig in the Sky
  7. Welcome to the machine
  8. Déjà Vu
  9. The last refugee
  10. Imagine that
  11. I wish you were here
  12. The happiest days of our lives
  13. Another stone in the wall part 2
  14. Another stone in the wall part 3
  15. Deen
  16. Pigs (three different)
  17. money
  18. We and she
  19. Smell the roses
  20. Brain damage
  21. eclipse
  22. The courage to be out of reach
  23. Comfortably numb

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