The Bertan family of basketball players adopt the dog from the shelter

The family of Basketball Dävis and Daira Bertani from the shelter adopted a dog that will live in the parental home of the athletes in Auces, the Latvian television program "The Chain to the Heart" was broadcast.

Basketball players went to the shelter with their mother, where the attention of the dog girl Pepia was quickly drawn.

"First of all, the girl-girl, black and white, behaved very well, the sweetheart seemed brave and obedient, and when we walked there, it seemed obedient because it is good to understand with other dogs," said the basketball player Dana Mama. . After a while, the family went home to Pepey.

Bertan's brothers are not only brilliant basketball players, but also snowballs. For example, Dāvis has requested a donation from the animal shelter for all gifts on the wedding day.

Dad takes care of the French bulldog Rocky every day. "I will not say that he is the most cautious dog, he sometimes does what he wants, he is pretty stubborn, but at the same time he has mastered his teams and when there is food in his hands, he listens perfectly," said the dancer of the San Antonio Spurs, basketball player Davis.

In addition, Rocky is special – the dog is different from other French bulldogs, so Davis has even done a gene test to determine if his lover has other species.

"He has longer legs, he is not that much, often we saw French bulldogs, which were so thick, but he was always in a very good and active form." It was that we decided that there was something about the Boston Terrier. The test showed that he was one in eight in Boston Terrier, one of his grandparents being Boston Terrier, "revealed Davis.

In turn, the house of Daira found the dog Chipitis.

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