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Last night, the Valmiera Drama Theater, with the premiere of Latvia, "Fantastic Mystery", celebrated its first seasonal premiere, which according to Indra Rogh is not comparable to the artistic director of the theater. The theater of this season is determined to show productions with a scale and to talk with viewers about people, immortality and fantasy.

The first season of 96 shows, with apparent ease, to talk about an extensive and serious topic – the death of family members, the lively American drama player, the Pulitzer Prize winner Rey Bradbury's short story of an electronic grandmother on stage scenes . For this performance, the actor even controlled the tricks under the guidance of the illusionist Pecolli. The director is a guest from Russia, who previously worked with the Russian theater actors in Riga.

The first show of the 96th season of the Valmiera Drama Theater "Fantasy & # 39; s Secret" is the first production in Latvia. The director – the mascot Ekaterina Polovceva – graduated from the directing role of Sergey Zhovnovich and the winner of the Golden Mask Award, nominated a short story by the American science fiction classics Reja Bredberia "The Electric Body Song", debut in North East Latvia.

"I'm close to Bradbury, I love the story, and this topic is close to me because, like any other person, I go to family and somehow I want to stop the process. [..]. I really wanted to talk about it. It seemed to me that this is a comprehensive story in which the philosophy of the relationship is fantasy. On the one hand, it's a story, on the other – it's all about me and every one of us, "says the director.

She emphasizes that the issue of Fantochini remains open and that it will be different for every audience in the room.

Fantočini is metaphorically human dreams, long, somewhere family members who live forever, are always beside and give absolute love.

"Fantočini is also, of course, God in his own way," says Polovceva.

The spectacle of the scenographer Emile Kappelius, who lives in St. Petersburg, is packed by all actors for generations. Their reproduced images have lost their loved ones and try to fill the gap that has been left behind. The main role – Elīna Vāne crawls into the skin of the electric grandmother.

"What made me a bit confused about this job – can these machines really be as human as we do? And this is my big question – I do not want to become machines, so we do not have to use mobile phones, that we ourselves are mobile phones. It scares me, "Elīna Vāne does not hide.

"This topic is very difficult for me, because I do not understand how I can turn technology into real people, what is being watched now is that people are sitting together in the cafe and everything in the hands of the nose. , and in this work suddenly appears a machine, which turns out to be more human than human, "says the actress.

Indra Roga, the artistic director of the Valmiera Drama Theater, says in turn: "I really like this here in Bredberia

is a very fragile level of transparency, which is very easy to destroy, but the contact form with viewers in the hall is very open, silent, warm, real.

It seems to me that it is lacking – seriously and at the same time with the smile of talking about things we can not talk to in our optimistic engine. "

This is a very unusual show, others are not comparable in Latvia, says Roga.

Before the performance, actors also had to learn a number of tricks. These were taught to them by the most popular illusions of Latvia, which Dace and Enrico Pecolli ranked, who won the highest international prize, The Merlin Award, which cooperated with the Valmiera Theater 18 years ago.

"We used a number of delicate technologies and devices – such as body voices and more that we would not reveal," says Dace Pecolli. But Enrico Pecolli believes that the most difficult is not a trick, but integrate the tricks into the theater so that it does not look like a magic trick, but as a special effect.

"In this show we also had a challenge because the director wanted a drink that came out of the toe to the main actress in the show, we can do it! I want the broken dragon to flew suddenly – we can do that, I want the main artist to be a chicken is hanging in the air – we can do that! ", says Enrico Pecolli, a professor of illusions.

The viewers are of the opinion that this show is meant for real, theatrical theaters – it has a philosophical thought, and it makes you wonder about the youthful and age-old pauses. The show can not be called simple and it makes you think. At the same time, the audience admits – it is remarkable that the contemporary theater performance has entered the Valmiera theater. The Valmiera theater also shows contemporary current events in the performance, says the audience.

In November, another guest art tour in Moscow will be shown at the Valmiera Theater. Then the staging "Interchange" by Jegor Peregudov is presented to the public.

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