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& # 39; The world's richest couple – the chef from Amazon and his wife

48-year-old McKenzie Bezos said that she would return all his Washington Post and Blue Origin shares to her 55-year-old ex-husband and vote control over the remaining Amazon shares.

Bezoss and novelist Makenzia Tatla married in 1993 and have four children. In 1994 Bezoss founded Amazon in his garage in Seattle and over time turned it into a giant that dominates the online store.

Amazon, with a market capitalization of approximately $ 890 billion, said in a statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that McKenzie Bezosa would control 4% of the company's outstanding common stock.

Given the current price of the Amazon share, she will hold $ 35.6 billion in shares.

The magazine Forbes reported that after this divorce agreement McKenzie Bezosa became the third richest woman in the world after Elis Volton, the heir to L & # 39; Oreal & # 39; s heir to François Betancourt Meiers and Walmart.

Jeff Bezoss, who now owns 12% of Amazon, is still the richest man in the world and the largest shareholder of this company with a wealth of $ 110 billion, according to Forbes. He surpasses Microsoft & # 39; s co-founder Bill Gates and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway & # 39; s Board of Directors, Warren Buffet.

Jeff and McKenzie Bezosi announced the cessation of their cohabitation in January, but on Thursday they posted warnings about their divorce agreement.

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