About 40% of all positive Covid-19 cases discovered on Saturday were registered in Riga

Of the total of 414 cases of Covid-19 infection detected in the past day, 41% were registered in Riga, according to data collected by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

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170 new infections were recorded in the capital last day and the total cumulative number of cases in Riga for 14 days is currently 2,952 people.

Previously, a rapid increase in infection was recorded in the Daugavpils area. Also in the past day, 95 new patients were registered in Daugavpils and the total number of infected people in the past two weeks has reached 717 people.

Last day, 20 new infections were registered in Jūrmala, and the cumulative number of cases in the past two weeks is 200 people. In contrast, 15 new cases have been diagnosed in Ventspils and 27 people have become ill in this municipality in the past two weeks.

In Jelgava, 11 new cases of Covid-19 were discovered on Saturday, the total number of the past two weeks increased to 193, while in the municipality of Talsi eight new infected people were registered, which means that the total number of infected people is in the last two weeks increased to 75.

Seven new cases of Covid-19 were discovered the previous day in Krāslava Municipality, resulting in a total of 59 cases in the last 14 days, while in Mārupe Municipality, six new cases were recorded and 131 people became ill in the past two weeks. in this municipality.

Five new cases have also been recorded in the provinces of Vilani and Salaspils, meaning the number of cases in Salaspils has risen to 102 in the past two weeks, while in Vilani it has risen to nine. There has also been a case of Covid-19 infection in the Rucava region, where up to five cases have been detected in the last two weeks.

The calculations of the Agency LETA, which are based on the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics on the number of inhabitants in counties by actual place of residence in 2019 and SPKC data for the last 14 days of illness in Latvian municipalities, show that the 14-day cumulative morbidity per 100,000 population.

The 414 new cases of Covid-19 discovered last day have increased the morbidity rate, resulting in an increase in the threshold beyond which special security measures and restrictions would apply to a particular municipality. Currently, this limit – 50% above the national average – is 502.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

If we calculate the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past 14 days after the changes that occurred in the past day, the limit of 50% above the national average has been exceeded in the provinces of Daugavpils, as well as in the provinces of Varakļāni, Salacgrīva, Aknīste, Mārupe, Ķekava, Auce, Baldone, Daugavpils and Garkalne.

Based on the latest data, the Garkalne district exceeds the 50% limit by a hair court – the number of cases per 100,000 residents in the past 14 days is 502.51. At the same time, Krāslava Municipality has left the list of critical local authorities, where the number of patients per 100,000 inhabitants has dropped to 416.81 in the past 14 days.

As of Friday, additional security measures have been introduced in the city of Daugavpils, Varakļāni, Salacgrīva, Aknīste, Mārupe, Baldone and Krāslava. In the counties of Mālpils, Smiltene, Garkalne, Salaspils and Limbaži, which are also subject to additional security measures, the incidence is now below half the national average.

It has already been reported that 414 new cases of Covid-19 were discovered in Latvia on Saturday, but four cases of the new coronavirus have died. According to data from the SPKC, a total of 16,975 people have contracted Covid-19 in Latvia so far, 1,719 people have recovered and 197 have died.

Last day, 44 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in Latvia, so a total of 510 patients with the new coronavirus are currently being treated in hospitals, which is 26 more than a day earlier, according to data collected by the National Health Service. This is the highest number of Covid-19 patients ever hospitalized.

Of all Covid-19 patients currently hospitalized, 478 have a moderate course of disease and 32 have a severe disease course.

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