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Added – Discover the Hesburger Fast Food Restaurant and the Čili Pizza Pizzeria

Today, 3 May, & noon, on Stenderastraat 18, the former building of the "Latvian 1st Rocket House", which unites two catering companies, a night club and a roof terrace, was opened.

There are two catering companies on the first floor of the building – the fast food restaurant "Hesburger" and the pizzeria "Čili Pizza". On the second floor, the Cukurfabrik nightclub was established, while the roof terrace of Cukurfabrik on the third floor was opened and informed Ieva Salmela, director of Hesburger.

Hesburger, a chain of Finnish and Baltic fast food restaurants, has invested 1.4 million euros in the purchase of the building and the modernization of the buildings, and has opened a third restaurant in Liepaja.

Salmela pointed out that the Hesburger restaurant was 135.6 square meters in size, including emergency posts, while the basement had storage rooms and other additional rooms with a total area of ​​60.1 square meters. When a new restaurant is opened, jobs for four employees are offered, but the team is expected to expand to around 12 employees.

The first visitors also received a special surprise from Hesburger – 100 cheese burgers free.

Salmela said that in addition to the "Hesburger" ground floor there is also the "Chili Pizza" pizzeria. The total area is 115 square meters, while the basement is equipped with kitchen facilities and other extra rooms with a total area of ​​90 square meters.

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