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Aka performs at the National Theater based on the motives of the Regina Ezera novel | BNN

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View from German theater group The Flöz family performances infinita

Inara Slucka, the director of the Latvian national theater actor, performs the performance good, which follows the motifs of the novel by Regina Ezera with the same name. Premiere expected on May 29, the theater informs.

Is the immortal soul investigator Rudolph Blaumann coded by Christina Syndrome – to lay down his white days and save the other soul and still live? More than 100 years after Blaumann, almost 50 years after Lake Regina. The story of Laura on the shores of a remote lake, her Riči and Rūdolfs from Riga.

«After reading various works by Regina Ezera, I returned to the novel goodand I wondered what would happen next. What will happen to Laura with her children, how will Rudolf survive this summer, or will Vie marry her Egil when Riy returns from prison and Alvin will meet him? Because behind every decision we make, there are people. And when we decide, don't we become responsible for others? Do we sometimes lose someone by saving one person? But these are only questions that are not always possible with immediate response. And if it is found, it probably comes from the experience of every individual, "the director of the show shares the reflection.

Cast: Ģirts Liuziniks, Laura Siliņa, Janis Amman, Līga Liepina, Martins Brūveris, Marija Bērziņa. In the role of Little Mara, Dāvis Karpovs or Imants Seleckis, or Emil Pohorzelski.

Set designer and costume designer Maria Ulmane, light artist Krista Erdmane.

Performances also on 3, 5, 10 and 12 June.

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