"Bruins" beats "Blackhawks" and wins Winter Classic – Hockey – Sportacenters.com for the second time

"Blackhawks" took the lead twice (1: 0, 2: 1), but "Bruins" always played – Patrick Berzeron used the majority at the end of the second third and scored 2: 2. The decisive events in the game took place in the last third. Sean Kurali took the "bears" in the 11th minute (3: 2), but at the very end, 33 seconds before the end of the game, Brad Marshan made his final score – 4: 2 for Boston. David's Pastrniks and Berzeron, both mentioned, emerged with the gate and the result.

The Winter Classic competition took place this year at the American Football Stadium in Notre Dame, Indiana. The weather was perfect when the temperature was about plus two degrees Celsius and the sun did not shine in the field. 76,126 fans attended the competition, the second largest Winter Classic visit ever. More viewers gathered on January 1, 2014, when the Maple Leafs and Red Wings match saw more than 105,000 fans in Michigan.

This was Bruins' third participation in Winter Classic and the second victory in 2010, where the match went straight to Boston, Bruins with a 2: 1 extension that outperformed Flyers. Once again, "Bruins" played in 2016 when 1: 5 recognized the superiority "Canadiens". Blackhawks, on the other hand, was the fourth in Winter Classic – no other team has ever played in such a game. However, the victories of the Chicago team have not succeeded at all.

Only two teams – "Rangers" and "Capitals" have won twice at Winter Classic.

On January 1, 2020 Winter Classic takes place at the American football stadium Cotton Bowl in Dallas, and it is already known that the local team "Stars" will participate in the competition. The opponents have not yet been appointed.

For the first time, the Winter Classic match was played in 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in New York, then "Penguins" with a 2: 1 after-game "Sabers". The game always takes place on the first day of the year, with the exception of 2012 and 2017, when it took place on January 2, January. In 2013, the match did not take place due to the NHL exclusion.

NHL Winter Classic

year game The result stadium visit
2008 Penguins – Sabers 2: 1 PM Ralph Wilson Stadium (New York) 71 217
2009 Red Wings – Blackhawks 6: 4 Wrigley Field (Chicago) 40818
2010 Flyers – Bruins 1: 2 P Fenway Park (Boston) 38 112
2011 Capitals – Penguins 3: 1 Heinz Field (Pittsburgh) 68 111
2012 Rangers – Flyers 3: 2 Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia) 46.967
2014 Maple Leafs – Red Wings 3: 2 PM Michigan Stadium (Ana Arbora) 105491
2015 Blackhawks – Capitals 2: 3 Nationals Park, Washington 42 832
2016 Canadiens – Bruins 5: 1 Gillette Stadium (Foxboro) 67 246
2017 Blackhawks – Blues 1: 4 Busch Stadium (St. Louis) 46556
2018 Rangers – Sabers 3: 2 P Citi Field, New York 41 821
2019 Bruins – Blackhawks 4: 2 Droplet Stadium 76 126

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