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Builders must prepare four Deglava bridge column reinforcement project / the next day

It is agreed that a project to strengthen four broadcasting columns will be prepared during the weekend, two of which are in a worse state, as expressed by the Construction Control Office (BVKB). Burow predicted that the municipality would get a solution on 7 May.

Immediately afterwards it is planned to coordinate the project with BVKB and after acceptance the construction works can start. The measure of duty of the mayor, however, refused to specify on which day it could happen.

Burow also said that a meeting on the construction site is scheduled for May 13 to assess the situation. The parties agreed that the bridge should be opened to traffic by 20 May at the latest.

Earlier, Burow admitted that BVKB's concern about the safety of the Deglava bridge was justified and that its closure is a lesson for the Riga city council. The mayor of the mayor of Riga refrained from assessing whether the decision to close the Deglava bridge was correct or incorrect, but agreed that BVKB's concerns were justified.

In expressing his personal opinion, Burow admitted that the requirements of the BVKB with regard to the safety of the Deglava bridge are reasonable and logical and that they are not impracticable. He agreed that the customer of the Deglava bridge repair – the district of the municipality of Riga and the rest of the project participants had to act more actively to prevent the bridge from closing.

"From this case study we must first and foremost go to the municipality of Riga and draw conclusions about how quickly we act at such moments. Today, when I visited the object, there was not a whole project management team, but only one person who is too small My personal opinion is that I am not satisfied with the management of the traffic department of the municipality of Riga and the builders in this project, "Burov emphasized.

Likewise, the politician of the Deglava bridge is not satisfied with the artists of the mayor of Riga. "I don't like to comment on the decision of the BVKB in the past two weeks, but no solutions were offered." Politics can always be found, we are all politicized, but there is no policy in professional opinion. "I appreciate BVKB's efforts to find a solution," Burow said.

Asked whether sanctions against the Riga City traffic department are being considered, Burow admitted he did not want to draw conclusions from such a case. "For me, some things are acceptable to the head of the council, neither as a project manager nor as a human, but maybe we don't criticize it, but let people work," said the mayor of Riga.

It has already been reported that, on the morning of 25 April, following the order from the Interior Minister, the street of Deglava was closed to traffic, causing serious traffic jams in this part of Riga.

As indicated by the head of the Ints Ķuzis state police, the bridge was closed until the Riga City Council had submitted documents to the Construction State Control Bureau to verify the safety of this object.

On Friday, after evaluation of the required documents, BVKB, Deglava Street Traffic Transmission Designer SIA Technical structure, State Police, Riga City Council Traffic Department and SIA Riga traffic On 4 May, representatives agreed to renew the public and operational transport movement on street traffic in Augusta Deglava.

After this decision Riga traffic has announced that from May 4 trolleybus 11 and 22, bus lines 3, 6, 13, 47, 50, 51 and 52, minibus 241, bus 338 and N6 broadcast route night traffic will be resumed on the main routes.

The complete opening of the Deglava bridge for traffic requires the reinforcement of the structures, but until then the developer must work out the project and obtain a permit from the BVKB for the reinforcement work. Burow predicted that bridge traffic could be opened on 13 May.

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