Danish actor Mikelsen replaces the depot in the new film “Fantastic Creatures” / Article / LSM.lv

Danish actor Mads Mickelsen will replace Johnny Depp in the new movie “Fantastic Creatures”. The reason for the change is the unsuccessful lawsuit between Depa and The Sun for alleged defamation.

Warner Bros. announced the change of actors in a special statement, but made no further comment.

Film industry representatives recall that 55-year-old Mikelsen gained international recognition after participating in the James Bond series of movie “Casino Royale”.

According to the studio’s management, he fits the role of the dark wizard Grindewald in a film based on a novel by Harry Potter author Joanna Rowling. This is the third sequel to the films in this series, which is related to the magical world described in the author’s most famous works.

Depp lost in an alleged defamation case in early November. The British court ruled that the information in the tabloid The Sun’s article about Depa’s attacks on his wife was true.

Depp receives significant compensation from the creators of “Fantastic Beings” after the change of actors.

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