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Deglava Bridge is being repaired by Jakrina & # 39; s friends-run company; denies any influence / Article / LSM.lv

About half of the work to repair the Augusta Deglava street meter is not carried out by the winning Lithuanian company "Kauno tiltai", but by the company "Tecpro Construction", led by the good friend of the former Transport Department of Riga, Emíls Jakrins Arturs Bergholcs, TV3 broadcast "Nothing. Personal".

Jakrins, who becomes the head of the department on Monday, denies that he can influence the subcontractors selected in the projects.

The reconstruction of the Deglava transmission is being carried out by AS "Kauno tiltai" for EUR 4.27 million. In the tender documents, the company demonstrated that about 12% of the work would be subcontracted, including the names of two companies. In the end, however, another company – Tecpro Construction – was chosen, to which 45% of the work was transferred.

Mārtiņš Brencis, director of the Central Finance and Contracts Agency, admitted to the broadcast that 45% was high, but emphasized that the law did not set a minimum threshold.

Bergholcs, asked to what extent the choice of his company was determined by an acquaintance with Jakrins, emphasized that there had been no talks about him.

Deglava Transmission is not the only competition department where Tecpro Construction works as a subcontractor. The broadcast showed that part of the same project in the reconstruction of Ata Street, Augšielas and Vagonu Streets, which was won by the L-KO company, was partly entrusted to the company led by Bergholca. TecPro Construction has also made a bid for the renovation of the Brasas bridge, which is planned for ten million. The winner was again called "Kauno tiltai", but whether and how many of the works are being carried out by Bergholca has not yet been decided.

The broadcast also revealed that one of the specialists of this subcontractor is Uģis Broža, the former head of the Construction Management Department of the Riga Traffic Control Department, who was accused of falsifying repair documents from Barona Street.

The head of the company emphasized that Broža is a high-end specialist and has a wide range of certificates. Jakrins, in turn, is of the opinion that the responsibility of the department is not visible in this case and therefore the municipality did not apply for it as the victim of any material compensation.

"Firmas.lv" information shows that JSC "TecPro Construction" worked with 4 696 078 last year, an increase of 27% over the previous year. The company earned 28,244 euros last year. The share capital is 2845 euros and there are 18 people working there.

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