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Expert: 5G technology makes it more efficient and faster to develop

Mobile operator & # 8220; Bite & # 8221; Technical director Gints Butens.

Technical Director of Mobile Operator Bite Gints Butens.

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As early as 2019, the first 5G technology support devices will be available on the market. According to Gints Butens, technical director of Bite, the mobile operator, Bits helps to increase business productivity by helping them to work faster and more efficiently.

He emphasizes that 5G technology offers several advantages. First, the higher the internet speed. The expected 5G technology speed, which is measured in gigabits per second, compared to the typical 4G technology speed (megabits per second), ensures faster transfer of large amounts of data.

For example, movies of full HD quality can be downloaded in seconds instead of minutes. Secondly, a higher bandwidth, which allows the network to add many more devices and sensors at the same time, giving users a more positive experience with the use of data services.

And thirdly, the delay with a low latency or signal is about one millisecond instead of the current 30 to 40 milliseconds, which ensures even faster "communication" or connectivity between devices and the mobile network. For example, online games can be enjoyed in real time and with the same high quality as an optical wiring connection.

Mr. Buten points out that such a live or "live" video was shown in the Bobsledecompetition during the Phoenician Olympic Games, when camcorders attached to athletic helmets were broadcast live from the pilots' point of view.

"It was one of the South Korean experiments on the practical use of 5G, which many probably did not notice, but it would be difficult to get high-quality video with 4G technology," explains Bites Technical Director out.

That is why Bite is making a great effort to prepare the most recent 5G standards and their supporting technologies, including ensuring sufficient availability of radio frequencies.

In October, the Council of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) extended the usage rights to subsidiary "Unists" of "Bites" for five radio frequencies and two 26 gigahertz (GHz) band channels for ten years.

Thus, compared to other operators, Bite currently has the most available frequencies, which corresponds to the 5G standard guidelines that were approved at the end of last year.

The 360-degree video that was offered during the Olympic figure skating, which was stopped, was able to describe the quality of each jump or spin, reveals very well the changes in the entertainment and recreation sector, which will promote the 5G technology.

It still has to be equipped with a local 5G network stadium and use translational elements of reality, so that viewers can enjoy even more entertainment on TV's, PC's or mobile devices.

The ability to create a high quality local network for your business needs is one of the great benefits of this technology, which will have a significant impact on the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The 5G network will be able to offer a very large number of connections (about one million per square kilometer) with low energy consumption. Moreover, different solutions and services with different speeds and guaranteed quality are simultaneously possible in one overlay area.

For example, one layer supports the network in the stadium, the other connected cars, but another – read the meters remotely or monitor the patients.

However, there are currently technological solutions that enable the development of the Internet of Things under the existing standard for mobile networks, notes Mr Butens.

He adds that Bite is the first operator of Latvia to launch the introduction of the low-power broadband technology "Narrowband Internet of Things" (NB-IoT). It offers high quality indoor coverage and a high connection density, which is important for the connected network.

"In my opinion, one of the best examples of industrial applications in the world is the smart meters installed by" Sadales tīkls ", including" Bites "SIM cards are used among others."

These counters themselves send consumption data, so that their users can continuously monitor the electricity consumption in the mobile application and the price changes they use. 5G network continuity or low latency makes electricity accounting even more efficient, explains Butens.

Highly accurate and stable electricity administration is important for companies that need a lot of daily routine and for which inaccuracies in inventory or excessive consumption can lead to extra costs.

It is no coincidence that Bite tests the first NB-IoT tests with Teliko, specializing in the design, development and production of intelligent street lighting control, remote energy meter systems and energy monitoring systems.

During this time, an intelligent lighting system will be tested on the territory of VEF Riga.

"The introduction of the NB-IoT enables us to build up a high-quality internet-based network at the moment, to stimulate industries where modern technological solutions can be an important condition for development or security."

"Perhaps we should also learn from South Korea and Australia, who start using autonomous, specially-equipped drones to explore large areas," emphasizes Technical Director of Bite.

For example, the Australian non-profit organization Surf Life Saving NSW is looking for drone emergency examinations at a height of 60 meters with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. If you find a swimmer, dummy & # 39; s drop an inflatable bobber that helps a person stay on the water.

It happens today, while a low-latency 5G network lets the drones move in automatic mode and autonomously communicates with rescue helicopters.

The use of greater use of Internet devices and the predictability of the continuity of the 5G network enables remote connection and automation of many processes, enabling more precise precision production, with a margin of tolerance for manufactured products of less than a millimeter, or telemedicine .

It is predicted that health services will be one of the areas where the development of the 5G network will enable many newcomers to present unimaginable solutions, such as new levels of robotics and remote surgery.

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Bites' technical director says that mobile operators do their utmost to technically prepare for the introduction of the 5G network and hopes that companies will appreciate the benefits of the new technology and will be able to do it for the benefit of company.


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