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Georgian Osokin's romantic piano music concert

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On May 18, in the Cēsis Concert Hall, pianist George Osokin invites to the newest program with a romantic touch of "Rahmaninov Variations". Pianist interpretations are lively and have a clear artistry. He enjoys admirers and skeptically challenges listeners. The pianist calls for a deep and serious approach to art in his own music space.

In the first part of the concert Osokin goes to the piano music where the Neapolitan Domenico Skarlati reveals the elegant beauty between baroque and classicism and Sergei Rachmaninov will lead the infinite melody with a male romantic hand. In the second part of the concert, the pianist will be surprised by the compositions of two of his most inspiring composers: Arvo Perth & "Für Alina", which for the first time drives a "tintinnabuli" style (from Latin – a bell), in which they, like a call game, match and complement each other, later compose. the glory of the world and the music of the soul and the piano will bring important aristocrat Friderika Chopin, whose interpretation is an integral part of the Osokin program.

"For me, the corpse music of Arvo Perta helped in the search for the music of Chopin, because the sound is very vocal. And Perta & # 39; s vocalism is special, specific, with his thorough philosophy. The search for switching to each other was very interesting, "says Georgie Osokin of creative searches.

After ending Friderika Chopin & # 39; s competition in 2015, the youngest Osokin dynasty pianist George Osokin became a sensation, earning criticisms from "unpredictable, too revolutionary to be a winner". He has been invited to perform in many countries and prestigious festivals since he entered the competition. G. Osokin calls his own space for music with a profound, serious approach to art and interpretation with the weight of truth. "He has a rare talent for F. Chopin's music interpreter," says famous pianist and educator Sergey Babayan. But the legendary Russian pianist Dmitry Bashirov said: "This young musician is extremely talented."

The special pianist brand is the music of F. Chopin. A solo album by G. Osokin, published by the British record label Piano Classics, with late Chopin opuses, earned rave reviews in leading Canadian, French and German music editions.

This year the intention is to release a new album dedicated to the music of Sergei Rachmaninov. Osokin is also expected to have a concert tour in Asia and the US with Gidon Kremer, Giedler Dirvanauskaite and Kremerata Baltica, as well as his debut at the prestigious Ruhr piano festival in Germany and the Freiburg / Bernese piano series.

18 V 19.00 Cēsis Concertgebouw

Tickets at the "Biļešu paradīze" ticket outlets, www.bilesuparadize.lv

Price: EUR 15-25


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