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Honey fantastic blow, "Barcelona" defeated Liverpool in an exciting game – Soccer – Sportacentrs.com

In the first 25 minutes of the game, Liverpool footballers showed a better and more active performance in the field, making the ball more under control than the famous "Barcelona" masters. However, to reach the best goals of the goal, the Catalans came in, giving Lionelam Mesi a great cross. In one of the situations, Ivan Rakitičs was well placed, but his shot was blocked at the last minute by Virgin van Deik. The former Liverpool footballer Filipe Kutinjo was in a similar situation, but was disarmed by Fabinjo. 26 minutes into the match, Barcelona managed to break through the visitors' defenders, as Filigrant's pass on Luis Svares was handed over by Gorde Alba, whereby Svares exceeded Alison Becker's Liverpool goal.

In the afternoon the fast and exciting football went on. The Senegalese sniper from Liverpool, Sadio Mane, was closest to the target gate and he was well ahead of André Steegen's gate. The result did not change into a 15-minute break, with the Barcelona team at a 1: 0 break.

After the break, Liverpool football players became more active and created several great goals. Two of them were James Milner at the epicenter, who was heavily repelled by ter Steven. Mohammed Salah, who had elegantly left the ball with his heel, was also at the moment. The German goalie was also over with the Egyptian attack.

Svaress of Barcelona scored his penalty well enough to beat the keeper and extended the home team's lead to 75 minutes in the game. Barelonians hit the next seven minutes when Mesi hit a penalty of about 25-30 meters and kicked the ball straight to Liverpool. inscription.

Two minutes later, Liverpool did not take advantage of the greatest opportunity to secure major external gates. Roberto Firmino managed to get rid of the ball – just outside the penalty area. Immediately afterwards, it was Mohamed Salah who wondered over the pole instead of the gate.

At the end of the game, Usman Dembele came to the field, who, with the ball in the final offset seconds, only came with keeper Alison, but the French shot failed, resulting in 3: 0. In this situation, Lionels Mesi has a huge amount work performed.

"Barcelona" – "Liverpool" 3: 0 (1: 0)
ports: Svaress 26, Honey 75, 82
warnings: Lengle, Svaress, Alba – Fabinjo
Ball check (%): 48: 52
Strokes (gate frame): 10 (4): 14 (3)
Barcelona: ter Stegen, Kutinjo (Semedu 60`), Buskets, Lengle, Pigeon, Alba, Roberto (Alena 90` + 4), Vidals, Rakitich, Svaress (Dembel 90` + 3), Mesi.
Liverpool: Alison, Gomess, Matips, van Deik, Robertson, Fabinjo, Cout (Hendersons 24`), Milner (Oridian 84`), Salah, Mane, Winnie-the-Wall (Firmino 78).

Champions League semi-final

couple1st gameTeam ScoreGame 2
Tottenham – Ajax0: 1 (0: 1)from the Beck 15`May 8th
Barcelona – Liverpool3: 0 (1: 0)Weight 26` Honey 75` 82`May 7

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