How do you get the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert performed by Andris Nelson? / Day

Invitation to behavior Vienna Philharmonic The New Year's concert is another proof of Andris Nelson's status in the classical music world – the 40-year-old Latvian maestro is one of the most striking contemporary conductors.

Vienna Philharmonic The traditional New Year's concert in the Golden Hall of the Viennese Music Association can undoubtedly be regarded as the most popular and prestigious classical music concert. It is broadcast live on radio and television channels around the world (the concert in Vienna, for example, was shown today in 90 countries, with an audience of 40 million). Shortly after the concert, the album that is always in the category of the most wanted albums is released.

Vienna Philharmonic The New Year's Concert we now know has been held since 1939. The program consists of color, cheerful music, polka and waltz. In short, they are compositions by members of the Strauss family and their contemporaries.

The demand for tickets is so large that they are not for sale, but are attracted by potential buyers. If you want to hear the conducting concert by Andris Nelson, the application form will be filled from 1 February to 28 February (conditions: Tickets for the main concert on 1 January cost between 35 and 1090 euro (one person can only request two tickets); for the rehearsal on December 30 and the New Year's concert – a bit cheaper (the program is identical at all concerts).

at Vienna Philharmonic Only the best conductors are invited to the New Year conference desk. The concert of 2019 was performed by Christian Tileman, in previous years – Ricardo Muti, Mariss Janson, Gustavo Dudamel, Zubin Meta, Francis Weser-Mests, Daniel Barenboim and all the grandiose of the twentieth century.

Andris Nelson, currently a Boston Symphony Orchestra and Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra musical leader, with Vienna Philharmonic has been working together since 2010. He regularly conducts orchestral concerts in the Golden Music Hall of the Vienna Music Association and at the Salzburg Festival, as well as on foreign tours in Europe, Asia and the United States.

In 2020, in honor of the 250-year jubilee of Ludwig van Beethoven, Andris Nelson and Vienna Philharmonic will perform all symphonies of Beethoven during concerts in Vienna and abroad. The Beethoven symphony report will also be released and released Deutsche Grammophon.


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