“I was attracted to everything – looks, speech, humor, humor.” Love show Ilona as partner of the show Jānis

In the show “Next Stop: Love”, Ilona from Talsi, who has called herself a free woman for six years and is raising two children – a son and a daughter – tried to return to the date of dating. Ilona reveals that she has been practically one all her life and is used to living that way. A woman is aware of what she wants in life, in relationships, as well as what a man needs to be worthy of being with her.

In a conversation with the portal Skaties.lv, Ilona reveals that she was encouraged by her twin sister to sign up for the show. She hesitated for a few days and then simply registered.

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“I don’t think for a moment that I live in a small town and joining the show will spark new rumors. I’ve never been interested in other people’s thoughts. I know who I am, my friends know, family and kids – that. is enough ”, says Ilona.

The woman is not hiding that she applied because she wanted the show’s experts to find a suitable partner. Until now, she herself has been involved in irresponsible laziness.

Joining the show is described by a mother of two as a colossal adventure, in which she found positive emotions she never had, all of which will be remembered for a lifetime. The woman adds that she knows Jānis has no regrets about his participation and that the show’s experts made it to the top ten by putting them together.

“I said Jānis YES because I was attracted to everything: looks, speech, humor, humor and so I could go on. I wanted to know what happens when the cameras are turned off, will he change? I won’t be disappointed, Jānis is still exactly the same when we communicate, ”reveals Ilona.

The participants of the show keep in touch, call, make lists and have watched the first part of their adventure together – Ilona is visiting Jānis.

To the question: are the participants of the show slowly approaching the stop – love? Ilona answers that no, but they are still in touch!

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“The kids weren’t upset that I kissed Jānis. My sister and my daughter watched the show and counted how often we would get together. Because the Jānis family really likes, he could have kissed even more,” laughs Ilona.

The mother of two calls herself a free woman – she hasn’t met anyone and doesn’t even intend to look for it intensively. She is in the reboot phase of her life and the planner has no free time to run on dates. The woman has decided to focus on realizing her dreams and ideas.

“I’ve been alone all my life and I’m used to living like this. It’s been six years since my last relationship with my daughter’s father, and I still have a great son. I have something to live for , ”Says Ilona.

The participant describes the last relationship as very serious and devastating. Since the divorce, she’s only been on four dates and always left with the idea of ​​having positive emotions.

Ilona found all four dating partners in dating applications, but she no longer uses this type of dating because men are admirable there – only a virtual smile or flowers can be sent.


Often times a gentleman arrives on the street or in a cafe for lunch, and friends have tried to bring her together. Ilona is aware that she cannot complain about the attention of the opposite sex, she has always been interesting to men.

“So far the son has only met my daughter’s father because we were living together. And our living together started very quickly. It was my biggest life mistake I ever made. I won’t leave a husband with the kids until I’m 100% sure. I think this is the man I want to be with. You can’t expect to live together until after a dating period of two years ”, Ilona says forcefully.

She is not afraid that someone will break her heart again and hurt her, she does not want children to be hurt, she will not allow it.

When a relationship breaks up, the participant does not settle into a pillow, that can only be provided by young girls who are just starting to build something up and get divorced. At her age, you can afford to cry for just one night.


The show participant understands that crying is very important, but she is aware that the end of a relationship is not the end of the world. Ilona has learned to see the positive that everything brings in difficult or sad moments.

“In my opinion, to love means to accept the other as they are. If someone wants to transform you or vice versa, it means that you are not compatible. Taking something out or forbidding the other person to become the kind of person you want to be next to you , is pure selfishness, it is the destruction of the other person, ”says Ilona.

A woman often wonders if she really loved someone and understands that she probably didn’t. She also didn’t want to restrain a man, but she thinks she wanted to put her in the ‘frame’ without changing herself, which has repeatedly put a bold point in her relationship.

According to Ilona, ​​true love lasted only a lifetime – in ancient times. Today people no longer know what they want, what they are looking for.

“Wherever someone turns his head, there is fraud, lies, violence.” When you talk to couples like that, you manage to find out that they live together because it’s okay. Who has a free maid and sex who does not have to work again and has to pay bills, ”says Ilona about the lack of love in today’s society.

Ilona reveals that she likes quiet men who can also be attractive and social. I can’t forget sincerity and courtesy, a good sense of humor, because she likes to joke.

A mother of two would never accept a man who talks rude, is aggressive, and abuses alcohol.

Ilona relaxes “by pearling”, makes jewelry, has read books again, plans to return to the ensemble because she likes to sing. The woman loves to get in a car and drive – wherever her eyes can be seen, her offspring like it too.

‘I don’t think a man would want’ pearl ‘.’ I would allow him to focus on his hobbies. If I have a spontaneous excitement, I would like him to honor me and the kids with his presence in the adventure, ”Ilona says with a smile.

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