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If the security measure is applied, the members of the RTAB Council can be replaced – in Latvia – News

He pointed out that if the chairman of the board, Vita Jermolovičs, were to limit his position, and the member of the board, Maxim Tolstoy (S) still would not return to Latvia, the board would not be decisive to be.

In this case, the board of the council must at least appoint temporary board members.

Currently, the municipality is not planning to resign as a board member because no formal accusations have been made against them and no security measures have been taken.

Jermolovich Burow still values ​​it as a great professional who has invested a lot in the development of urban tourism and has created many good ideas. "We all have situations in which we can say" no. "I find it difficult to say whether Jermolovich could not do this in any situation, but of course I want to get an explanation of the situation," Burow said.

Reportedly on May 13, the Corruption Prevention and Combat Office (KNAB) staff arrived at the RTAB and the Riga City Council to conduct criminal proceedings against RTAB officials for budget wasting, document falsification, fraudulent use of documents and fraud.

KNAB reported that as a result of lengthy and extensive work, analyzing the information obtained, criminal proceedings were initiated against RTAB officials on 5 April for wasting budget resources, falsifying documents and the use of fake documents and fraud.

For 48 hours, Ingerman Priedite, the head of the Jermolovich and RTAB office, was detained and released today, meaning that the KNAB did not ask the court to apply the strictest security measure – detention.

At present there is no known non-custodial security measure for Jermolovich and Priedīte, a member of the Gods Serve Riga board. The KNAB has not provided any comments to LETA at this time.

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