As we approach the XV song festival in Canada, we have urged us to discuss the national costume with our listeners again. Folk costume or traditional costume, or should we now set limits on the appearance and use of traditional costume? How far can you go about styling traditional costumes? About social activities in the diaspora and societies "My national costume for ideas, and also about how foreigners shake their national costumes in preparation for the festival Worldwide Latvian. 21st century. Broadcasting Studio: head of the Latvian National Culture Center Signe Pujate, folk applied arts and costume specialist Linda Rubena and representatives of "My Folk Costume" from Jelgava Ilze Strēle and Ginta Zaumane. All four guests of the show are dressed in traditional costume. Signei Pujate has a national costume from Ventspils, Linda Ruben – North Vidzeme, Ilze Strēle – Zemgale, Gintai Zaumane – archaeological dress.

On May 4, the guests of the broadcast invite to dress in national costumes and also to participate in the folkloric costume parade "Nation. Honor. Costumes". The procession takes place from Stadhuisplein to the Vrijheidsmonument. Meeting at 12:00 Stadhuisplein.

We also contact a representative of the XV Canadian Song Festival Action Committee Delete Apsior Signi Rirdanci from Stockholm she is a member of the folk and dance group "Stockholm Gamers", and Eve Brinkman from Brussels. In the past year Eve has made her own folk costumes in the masterclasses in Brussels and she is also going to the celebration of 4 May in Brussels.