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Jānis Hāns triumphs with & # 39; & # 39; Audi A4 & # 39; & # 39; during the 1st Winter Winter Cup in Riga – Motorsport – Sportacentrs.com

At the opening of the season 152 participants came to the launch, which during the day had to deal with the changing conditions on the Biķernieku route. During the first trip, the course was still a light snow layer, but with each successive pilot snow became less, and clean ice was created for the pavement. At the end of the day one could see that one was faster in the snow and the other in the ice, so that in one of the two pilot classes two of the eleven classes could win all three runs.

In the SAILUN 2WD class, which started with the Sailun Ice Blazer WST3 tire model, the 2WD pedestal was very similar, while Renārs Zapackis (Honda Civic) were victorious in both cases, while Marek Matvejev and Janis Spikis were one in the third were. Matveyev and Spiky started driving on the front-wheel drive with a car, which is common to see in the all-wheel drive – Subaru Impreza. Marek explains that he wants to test the forces between the front wheels this year, so his car just disconnected the rear axle. Both 2WD OPEN pilots managed to conquer the podium as Matveyev's victory, while Spik took third place.

If the 2WD had a similar pedestal, they were identical in RWD and RWD OPEN ranks – the first Raimond Erins (Volvo 940), the second Janis Visockis (BMW 325) and the third winter debutant Arnold Kaminskis (BMW 323), which was very surprised for your successful result. The most interesting car under the RWD was absolutely the beautiful Subaru BRZ, which was launched by guests from Lithuania, the brothers Darius and Mantas Vrubliauskas. Because the class SAILUN RWD did not start with the usual class leaders, the pedestal is completely different here – Janis Bajaruns first, Aleksandrs Greva second and third place Edgar Kuduram.

At the all-wheel drive on the podium, there were quite the same riders in the various ranks, with John Jan as the best – the victories 4WD and 4WD OPEN and the third in the Audi Quattro class. Although Hahn has been accustomed to seeing the wheel of the Subaru Impreza in both the summer and the winter, he started this race on the Audi A4 of the first generation. All day long he praised the leadership of Audi immensely, but the race had to be concluded with a half defect, preventing the third stage in the Audi Quattro score.

Three pedestals for the Winter champion Artim Vicinskim who won second place in the SAILUN 4WD and 4WD OPEN class at the Subaru Impreza and third in the 4WD. Calvis Blum, who was able to win two different cars, was successful in the race – he flew to the SAILUN 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evo while traveling in Audi QUATTRO with Audi A4.

A surprise in the 4WD class was Kaspars Mammon, who finished second with Subaru Impreza in Valta Star. Mammon's own good results were a big surprise, he also noticed that after driving on a four-wheel drive it would be difficult to go back to the rear drive. The star was also on the pedestal and ended 4WD OPEN as the third.

In the first phase, 6 participants took the start of the STREAM class. The fastest victory this time was Marta Starka at all three entrances, followed by Linda Kundziņa and Inese Titova, who rode behind her on the pedestal. The next stage of the Riga Winter Cup in Biķernieki takes place just before Christmas – on December 22nd. More information about the Riga Winter Cup can be found on the website kalvemotorsports.lv and on Facebook – https: //www.facebook.com/rigasziema …

Results of the 1st stage of the Riga Winter Cup:
1. Renard Zapackis, Honda Civic
2. Mareks Matveyevs, Subaru Impreza
3. Jānis Spīķis, Subaru Impreza

1. Renard Zapackis, Honda Civic
2. Janis Spikis, Subaru Impreza
3. Mareks Matveyevs, Subaru Impreza

1. Mareks Matveyevs, Subaru Impreza
2. Edwin Vansovich, Opel Kadett
3. Jānis Spīķis, Subaru Impreza

1. Jānis Bajaruns, BMW 323
2. Aleksandrs Grīva, BMW 325
3. Edgar Kudur, BMW 323

1. Raimonds Erins, Volvo 940
2. Janis Visockis, BMW 325
3. Arnold Kaminskis, BMW 323

1. Raimonds Erins, Volvo 940
2. Janis Visockis, BMW 325
3. Arnold Kaminskis, BMW 323

1. Calvin Blum, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
2. Artis Vicinskis, Subaru Impreza
3. Ivars Wishes, Audi A4

1. Janis Hans, Audi A4
2. Kaspars Mamons, Subaru Impreza
3. Artis Vicinskis, Subaru Impreza

1. Janis Han, Subaru Impreza
2. Artis Vicinskis, Subaru Impreza
3. Valts Zvaigzne, Subaru Impreza

1. Calvin Blum, Audi A4
2. Jurģis Meisters, Audi A4
3. Janis Hans, Audi A4

March 1 Starka, Seat Ibiza
2. Linda Kundziņa, Audi A3
3. Inese Titova, VW Golf

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Eduard Kalve

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