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The current leader of the World Championship, Kobayashi, jumped after the first jump from the big mountain to the leader. In the second phase, he jumped 136.5 and 133.0 meters and reached 266.6 points.

Also in the second phase he was rewarded with the German Markus Eisenbihler, who scored 266.6 points with 138.0 and 135.0 meter long jumps, Kobayashi lost only 1.9 points. The decisive dominance of Kobayash was due to compensatory points.

Meanwhile, the lowest step of the podium came to the Polish athlete Davids Kubackis, who jumps 133.5 and 133.0 meters long at 256.2 points.

Then, with 253.8 points, the Czech Romans followed Kudelka, with one of 249.4 points being ranked by one of Kobayashi's oldest brothers, Junshiro, while the first six were closed with 249.2 points by the victorious Kamil Stoh from last year.

But in 2015 and 2017, Steffen Krasts, Austria's winner, won only 49th place, thus losing hope to return to the Four Ramp Tournament Champion-throne.

"An indescribable sensation, I was a bit nervous, but I did as much as I could and won, I would like to show my best performance in the next stage in Innsbruck," said Kobayashi after winning.

It has already been reported that Kobayashi also won the first phase, which performed better than 0.4 points from Eizenbihler.

The next Four Spring Race Tour will take place on Friday in Innsbruck and the last matches will be held on Sunday in another Austrian jumping race in Bischhofhof.

The winner of the four jumps tour is determined by adding up the points won in the race. After two races Kobayashi scored 548.9 points, but with 546.6 points was Eisenbihler, while Kubackis came third with 526.0 points.

Kobayashi is a convincing leader with 756 points in the World Cup overall, followed by Pole Zila, who left 509 points on Tuesday. The third, with 437 points, is the Polish sportsman Stoh.

It was Stoh who won the tournament last year, hoping to be victorious in all four stages.

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